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I am planning the following trip (private) on S. Platte river:

Part I:
Put-in: Mitani-Tokuyasu State Wilderness Area (2 miles upstream of the Kersey bridge)
Take-out: Kuner (CR 61)
length: 7.5 miles (2.5-3 hours)
easy river, suitable for beginners, no portages

Part II (continuation of the part I for explorers only)
Kuner - Hardin, about 5 miles)
unknown river)
There are two major water diversions just below Kuner: Empire Intake Canal on right and then Riverside Intake canal on left. I don't know how easy or difficult portages will be there. The river will have significantly less water below these dams. In the worst scenario we could return back to Kunner.

Date: to be determined, probably March 23 or March 24

Please see my website for more information about this segment of S. Platte and contact me if you would like to join me for this trip.


-- Marek (, March 14, 2002


Response to plans for S. Platte paddling

date: March 23 (Saturday)
start time: 9:30 at Mitani-Tokuyasu State Wilderness Area

-- Marek (, March 17, 2002.

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