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In the comedy section today, we find this missive from someone called "squirel hunter"


The excellent new web-page is for a seemingly all-encompassing up-to-the-minute survey of current events -- for a subscription fee. They do have a 2-month $60 trial rate ...... I'm in.

"Da plane! da Plane!!!"

Afraid this may become my new home page! ;^) I don't have the energy to hash out some of the issues that consume so much time and bandwidth here. With LaRouche, I get total, total doomerism, direct reporting of the LaRouche Movements involvement in RECTIFYING crises worldwide, a and a global perspective that keeps the details in check ...... and an eye to exploitation of the crisis for the common welfare. Amazing stuff.

-- Andy (, March 14, 2002



I remember someone who used that name on the ol'Diane board. As I recall, he lived in Oregon and was not working on a regular basis. My impression is that he wasn't the brightest bulb on the string. I don't really remember why I have that opinion. Of course, it may be a different person or I may be remembering incorrectly. That was a long time ago.

Don't look at that board much anymore. I did look in this morning. There were a number of overtly racists posts. I don't know if Dennis has decided to move in a new direction or they just have a lot of spam attacks. I suspect the latter.

Best Wishes,,,,


-- Z1X4Y7 (, March 14, 2002.

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