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I just purchased a used Polaroid 8 x 10 film processor. It looks like the one In Kathleen's book (It's blue and black). It came with the 81-05 film holder, which I know I can't use with my Daylab II and I will be purchasing the 81-06 one. The previous owner of this processor said that with the 81-05 holder, he didn't need a loading tray. He said the black and white processors are the ones where loading trays are needed. So, my question is would I still need a loading tray to use the 81-06 holder? Thanks! I've read all the other threads on 8x10s and it's been a lot of help.

-- Leslie Parker (, March 13, 2002


I am using using a blue and black Polaroid processor model 81-12 (check the label on the bottom) and film holder 81-06 with a loading tray. So, you will need the loading tray.

-- Marek Uliasz (, March 15, 2002.

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