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I don't normally cross-post anything, but will make an exception in this case, because it is so sleazy.

Tonight, Congress is going to vote on a bunch of legislation on the "suspension" or "consent" calendar and the voting is "cloaked," which means there will be no record or explanation of how members voted.

One of the bills to be passed is the Section 245i Extension Bill of the Immigration and Naturalization Act. This is the bill that will allow all illegal immigrants in the US to become legal. This will of course please Mr. Fox in Mexico, but makes a joke out of US Immigration Law and the legal entry process, not to mention the issue of national security. If this bill becomes law, we can fully expect a substantial increase of illegal immigrants in the future.

One can only wonder what other secret and "special arrangements" exist within our Congress.

Read a full explanation at:

In my opinion, this form of government behavior is a serious threat to our country and our freedom.

-- Ed (, March 12, 2002


And how about the UN conference on global taxation that starts next week (?).

-- Mike (UYK7@HOTMAIL.COM), March 12, 2002.

call your representative(s) and inform them that you wish to know their position on this issue and how they intend to vote. they are receiving major heat over this. turn it up!

-- Pliskin (, March 12, 2002.

scratching head....

didn't we allow all illegals that were here in the US to become legal if they were here on or before some date in the mid or late 80's? and didn't we just do it again in the late 90's?

so if the laws we have created have no meaning then what is the point in making them?

I am not gonna say which city has over 90,000 illegals on the state welfare system...but that number was as of 1999. And you wonder why all the people are flocking FROM that state to yours!

It is very sad when I drive through the community I was born in well over a half century ago and nothing is in english.

Now you tell me that the vote is SEVRET? I will pass this information around to everyone I know!

-- notgonnasay (notgonnasay@BigCity.usa), March 12, 2002.

from NewsMax:

"The cowardly congressmen tried to keep their vote a secret, but here's how they voted":

-- Pliskin (, March 12, 2002.

Yes, this is a common thing for our leaders to do about every ten years. To answer the question of why they do this, well they have to have something to do while they're sitting out there in Washington drawing those huge salaries.

-- Grannytoo (, March 13, 2002.

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