Spring is coming

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Spring is coming soon oh I can't wait. Remember 9-11 The attack on USA, well, I cried and cried SEVERAL DAYS over that one. Worried about the boys being drafted also alot of nonsense worrying went on. I'm sure I got that trait naturally. Anyway I was very upset since I was hoping so much for Spring. You know, flowers and a garden to eat fresh produce and can. Also seeing the birds running about collecting seeds and BUGS to feed their babies. I'm so excited not because of any securities that our government is giving us.

Anyway back to Spring ****** Last fall Bob bought me Mums and tulips We also bought tons of other bulbs to plant in 3 flower beds that we had made. I've been buying seeds from the farmers grain and Dollor General Store and Walmarts Their so cheap. We also have our seed catalogs made out but I need to send it off. I'm such a procrasinator its really becoming a handi-cap at times : ) Only one promblem with all the veg. seeds is that there not Heirlooms they are hybreds and I really wanted to try and save my seeds so next year I wouldn't have to buy so many seeds and could be more self-suffient. Maybe someday I can talk Bob into going off grid and being totally self-suffient. Ha that will be the day uh. : )

Looking on the net and books about various plants and how to grow them and how to NOT KILL THEM when trying to start them in the house. Bought the seed kit with the compressed soil and flat greenhouse thing. Planted tomatoe, pepper seeds and they spouted YEAH YEAH Then Bob made me shelves on the pantry so we could set up lights for the plantes. We spent one morning on making paper cups out of newspapers so we could transplant the tomatoes and peppers. This morning we transplanted some of the tomatoes and peppers that had spouted and started to get leggy. Thought I should add that I've tried this before and failed badly I'm not like some people that I know that have what they call a "GREEN THUMB". Wish I was though.

Sunday We also hung out bird houses I have for of them but one don't have a bottom wouldn't that be a crule trick to play on a bird. I also took some of Bob's 2x4 welded wire to nail around a dead tree ( don't want to cut it down since we have 3 woodpeckers hanging around the house. They sure are cute and funny to watch getting seeds out of the bird feeder that Ki bought us for Xmas. Back to the tree I have a plan to plant morning glories all around this tree also my trumpet vine that I bought. It takes a trumpet vine awhile to get going ( I think ) so the morning glories will do very nicely till then.

I've planted peas and carrots and beets in the garden already and then it snowed. Not too worried about the peas but the rest I'm doubtfull about. oh well have plenty of carrot seeds and a few more beet seeds to try again.

Anyway just wanted you all to know I enjoy your forum although I really can't answer ?? I can I hope learn from them

Wishing you enough

Jacque and the boys

-- Jacque (bojaq@lynks.com), March 12, 2002


Hi Jacque, I'm right with you. Ready for Spring. Don't know if it's because of all the "stuff" going on in the world or because I really had a bad year last year, but I think I'm the most excited this year, than I can remember. Lookin at everything with a fresh outlook this year and am really enjoying it. Gotta love springtime!

It sounds like you're doing great with all your plants. The carrots ought to do ok with the snow. Probably insulated the seeds and gave them plenty of moisture. We've finally got some much needed rain the last two days, so I'm hoping my carrots will be sprouting soon. I've had to water the ground a few times to keep the seeds from drying out too much. Looks like Mother Nature has woke up from her winter slumber and is gettin herself geared up for spring too. Hope she's kind to us this year! :)

-- Annie (mistletoe6@earthlink.net), March 13, 2002.

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