Ordering plants to arrive right time for Florida

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I know that it is too late for spring but now is the time to find sources for plants in the fall. From what I understand most seed catalogs ship plants/sets such as onions, potatoes, etc at a time they consider viable. Spring. Problem is that here in Florida the growing season is completely differnt than the rest of the country. Is there any place to get these plants at the right time of year here? I know that some of the feed stores have some common plants available but not really the kind of things I am interested in. Like leeks! At $2.99lb I wish to grow my own. I've tried seeds without great luck.

-- Diana in FL (dvance4@juno.com), March 12, 2002


Harris Seeds .com ships at the correct time for your climate as do most live plant companys I've dealt with, but if you are not sure ask them. Most are very willing to help with your needs.

-- Tim (goathillfarm50@aol.com), March 12, 2002.

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