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I don't know what the price would be to return my friend Stan, but perhaps the person who started this board could tell me. When I first found CS he was there and was a very friendly chap. We became friends and often e-mailed back and forth about bee keeping, goats and our state. We even spoke of visiting each other.

I didn't realize the exact moment it happened; when the friendly helpful guy was taken away. Suddenly he stopped being helpful and started posting a lot of mean spirited type remarks on threads. It became worse and worse and now this. Now I am sure that something awful has happened to my friend. Is he dead?? Who is this person who is pretending to be him?? sad and wondering

-- diane (, March 12, 2002


is someone pretending to be me? I havtn seen anything like that,, someone posting in my name?

-- Stan (, March 12, 2002.

I doubt it but you oughta close your backdoor..... interesting stuff on your harddrive there...

-- lol (, March 12, 2002.

I figured you to be someone that went around checking out guys backdoors

-- Stan (, March 13, 2002.

ok, i gotta admit that was pretty funny

-- lol (, March 13, 2002.

Stan I think Diane"s post wasn't ment to be funny .We miss the Stan who was here before , we got used to your little comments .We didn't always like them or agree .But it was just you .You and I have never had any problems that I know of .I understand if you don't like Mitch or you guys had a fight , but you are going way to far .I am almost affraid this is consuming you and you might need help.Don't waste your time with hate get over it and move on to important things.Life is way to short and we never know what tomorrow may bring.

-- Patty {NY State} (, March 13, 2002.

I didnt take Dianes post as funny either,, in fact I sent her a nice email concerning it. As far as I know Patty,, you and I havnt had any problems. And I still dont understand,,who is pretending to be me?

-- Stan (, March 13, 2002.

Stan I really hope it's not you , if it is not they will find out who it is .If you do need to talk or anything email me .

-- Patty {NY State} (, March 13, 2002.

Stan, we never had much to say to each other but we were in these forum together and I always read your posts. I know that you're a very intelligent person from reading your posts on so many different subjects. I wish so much there were something I could say to reach you, but I guess there isn't. All I can say then is bye, take care and God bless!

-- Ardie/WI (, March 13, 2002.

I sent melissa an email,, lets see if she respondes. Patty, thanks for the offer,, maybe Ill take you up on it. Ardie,,, no problem

-- Stan (, March 13, 2002.

OK Stan enough is enough ! If you are mad a Mitch bug the hell out of him not Melissa . The poor girl hasn't done anything to you .I do not always agree with her all the times either , but come on your hurting her .I know you are better than this .You proved your point you can bug the HELL out of even a good christian , now isn't it time to stop ? Please .

-- Patty {NY State} (, March 13, 2002.

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