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Hi, I have 11 hens and one rooster for sale in NW Arkansas. They are barred rocks. I got them last April and they just finished their first molt. We have to sell them, because we are moving. How much should I ask for them? If anyone is interested and can pick them up, make me an offer. I am going to try to start selling them locally tomorrow. Thanks

-- renabeth (, March 11, 2002


Beth: There should be a lot of swap meets around this weekend where u can sell the chickens or load them up and find a wide spot along side the road and sell them and anything else u want to get rid of. Call your local auction and ask how much chickens of this breed and age go for.

God Bless and TTL

-- Charles Steen (, March 11, 2002.

I would ask for $50 for all of them. They are really to old to eat but in a big city someone would buy them.... NW Arkansas, don't know where that is but sound like far from a big city... Look for a local asian grocery store to post a sign.

Few people will want to bring in strange birds into an existing flock. So the value as layers is not great. Maybe someone new moved into your area. Ask them if they want an etablished flock?

Barred rocks are not rare so little demand for them. Be prepared to give them away.

Are they free-range? If so, state that when selling them.

Best of luck. ~cjn

-- ChrisN (, March 11, 2002.

Around here a year old barred rock rooster $5.00 -hens $4.00. Daryll

-- Daryll in NW FLA (, March 11, 2002.

I am moving and had to "sell" most of my birds (New Hampshires and Barred Rocks) I was glad to give them away for $1/bird, but you might get anywhere from $3-5/bird. If I had wanted to clean them, they were worth more than a dollar as stewers, but I was glad just to get them a home.

-- Jim NE KY (, March 11, 2002.

You might try running a free classiffied ad in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette , they have a toll free number and have a pretty good listing on livestock and poultry . I think about 5.00 or 6.00 should be about right. You can check out their classified online.

-- sherry in Arkansas (, March 12, 2002.

I sell pullets for $5 and year old hens for $3-4, depending on how they look. Never had any problem getting rid of them. In fact, let me know where you are. I might be interested if it isn't too far. I'm in west central AR.

-- melina b. (, March 12, 2002.


I'm interested and I live in NW Arkansas!! Just email me and let me know where you are and how much you decided on. I probably can't pick them up until next week. Is that okay?

-- Ivy in NW AR (, March 12, 2002.

Thanks everybody, it is so depressing getting rid of my chickens, but oh well I will survive. I guess I have decided to ask 50.00 for them all. That seems about the average recommendation. A few people are interested and have e-mailed me. So I don't think they are going to be very hard to get rid of. The people buying are farm are considering buying them, so I guess I will be chickenless pretty soon.

-- renabeth (, March 12, 2002.

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