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Well, I have just discovered this really fun (?!) lasagna! ;)

The "meaty" part consists of whatever sauce, meat, veggies I have leftover from the week.

And then the cheesy part consists of whatever yogurt, milk, cream/ricotta/mozz. cheese I have leftover from the week.

Last night was spinach/carrot/cawliflower/mushroom/tomato/garlic with cream cheese/ricotta cheese/mozzarella cheese/parmesan cheese/evaporated milk mixture.

It's yummy & saves me money, time and effort.

Anybody else have any "leftover" recipes they can share??

-- heather (, March 11, 2002


i have one the kids really like. Its called " Tin CUp soup". I take any leftover vegies from the week, and save them, even if its only a tblsp or so. I save the juice for this too. I take 2 cups leftover meat, and 8 cups of vegies, one onion, 2 tblsp kitchen bouquet, and 1 tblsp of my homeade beef boullion, add all this to a big pot and simmer till done. I sometimes add barley,( my fav ). Course you have to eat it with homeade crackers and in real Tin cups. LOL

-- Kristean Thompson (, March 11, 2002.

Thats sound great, Heather, I'm always looking for those kinds of recipes.

Some things I do are- Fill a casserole dish with meat/vegtable leftovers chopped, and add a biscuit dough, and bake for a pot pie. Litte bit of meat and veggies go into fried rice If I have just a little bit of tomato sauce, tomato soup, etc left I put it in a container and freeze it. I keep adding to it til I have a full container then I thaw it and serve it over noodles or speghetti. Its amazing how fast a spoonful here, and half cup there adds up! and of course, small amount of leftover veggtable go into a freezer container until I get enough for soup.

-- Kelly (, March 12, 2002.

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