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We have rented our first booth at a craft show in years. Our main idea is to sell our soap. Since we are going to be there, I figured we need to have some other things to sell. The show is Memorial Day Weekend, at an Antique Tractor show. I need some help on ideas of things to make. I am thinking that flag related stuff will sell that weekend, but I don't know what to make. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

-- Joanie (, March 11, 2002


I also sell soap, and when I set up at a fair ect.. I make up gift baskets. I stagger the pricing so they are affordable to most and others will buy them for their originality. Alot of people like to buy one of a kind gifts. Happy selling.

-- Kristean Thompson (, March 11, 2002.

I would be watching goodwill & sales for anything that had tractors on it or farm related--& use them to make gift baskets out of---with your soap---etc/etc/etc/--- like line small baskets with material with tractors on it --or farm livestock--etc/etc/etc/-or your red/white & blue theme----& flags-

put ref. magnets that have farm related items--in your gift baskets--

not long a go /I had a basket from a farm sale-(action)-& I had bought cow material on sale & made a basket ruffle to go around the top of the basket-- I had a cow/ I had printed from the internet & had my grandson color it--& I covered it with clear contact paper & glued a magnet to the back of it--& I filled the basket with homemade goodies /I had on hand for just such a need---I put material around the tops of the canning jars--etc/etc/--it was really cute when I was done---- don't know why you couldn't make up gift containers out of anything that is used on the farm---& use a material liner with farm related picture & put in your products with your business card!! Do all sizes & prices--- I found a small wooden wagon at Good will one time /I used as my base for my gift basket--- keep your eyes open----there might even be something laying around your farm that would make a cute container for a gift basket---

have fun---remember to get plenty of change (plenty of quarters & ones)& dress in layers that day & take your water bottle----

We did craft fairs for years-----you meet some great people doing it-- -but it is a lot of work also----remember presentation--presentation-- -gets the most sales!!!!!

-- Sonda in Ks. (, March 11, 2002.

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