Poultry feed grinding?

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Is it cheaper to it ground at the feed store or to purchase a grain grinder over say 5 years. If it is more economical to grind it yourself where & what grain grinder do I get?

-- Katie S (cashcrop90@yahoo.com), March 10, 2002


Katie: We were asking ourselves the same question about 2 years ago. It really depends on where you can get your grain to grind yourselves and how much your cost would be for it. For us, when we bought our homestead there was already lots of grain stored, but only barley and wheat. We were unfamiliar with grain grinders so I just placed a free ad in the local Nickel papers (their "wanted ads" are free) and the local FFA teacher called us and had one in a shed he would sell. The farmer next to us suggested that if we could get one for $100 w/o the motor or $200 with a motor that it would repay itself. The FFA teacher only wanted $75.00 for the grinder with a motor to boot. The one we bought has an electric 3/4 motor. We did get a call from someone that had one to sell that hooked to a PTO on a tractor for $400. This would give you some cost comparision. We have to purchase corn and also feed bags of commercial feed for some of the animals, but it has definately cut down our feed cost and I like the idea of not being fully dependent on the feed store. I would go for it.

-- Marie in Central WA (Mamafila@aol.com), March 10, 2002.

This isn't exactly an answer, but as I have a nearly unlimited supply of corn and/or soybeans, and my chickens don't like whole corn, I am going to try putting corn through my chipper-shredder this year.

-- Andrew (jstones@scican.net), March 10, 2002.


That is good to know! I live in WI so, getting the grain would be cheap and I would know what was in it. I've seen them in Strombergs catalog. Another thing others might be interested in knowing. There is a place about 45 minutes from me that sells pastured poultry for $2.25/lb and can't meet demand. They sell right off the farm. The mom wanted to be a SAH mom. I'll look around for suitable place to place a wanted ad. I think WI State Farmer is my best bet!

-- Katie S (cashcrop90@yahoo.com), March 10, 2002.


Here is a grinder from CS Bell company. The #60 model is medium duty and is adjustable so you can crack corn for animals or grind corn (or wheat) meal for human use.

I have seen it sold here and there, it's $350 or so without the motor.

Grain alone is not a complete ration for poultry; I assume the grain is part of a mash recipe.


-- Mark in West Central Ohio (mark@marksykes.net), March 11, 2002.

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