Who's your Fellowship Fella!

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Ok...so I took this weird little test that Christie sent to me...... Yall wanna do it? Here! (BE AWARE!!!! There's some rude language there)

Who's your Fellowship fella?
Tall, dark, and RUGGEDLY handsome!
Aw, you go for the tall, dark and handsome type. How trite. True, Aragorn's as much a man as any of the Fellowship, but the whole "I'm not good enough to be king" thing really gets in the way of bedroom fun. Whining can be a real turn-off, you know.

Mic, ....you be sure to go there and see who U get LOL!!!! Let us kno!!!..... Sorry there are no women in the Fellowship!..... Uh.... You can have Arwen!!!

Love Yall!!!

-- Amanda in Georgia!!! (amanda@sweetheathdreams.com), March 10, 2002


Dude, I don't even know this guy LOL!
Who's your Fellowship fella?
I roll in the hay with Hobbits

-- Monica (LedgersLady05@msn.com), March 10, 2002.

Hee hee hee Monica!!!! He's a little hobbit trouble maker LOL!!!!

-- Amanda in Georgia!!! (amanda@sweetheathdreams.com), March 11, 2002.

I got Aragorn LOL Now the tall dark and handsome is for me but not sure about him though!!!!

-- Linda (Linda@sweetheathdreams.com), March 11, 2002.

I got Legolas (I am a lucky biotch, it said LOL)...really, WHERE ARE THE FEMALES HERE??? Friggin sexist Tolkien! ;-)

-- Mic (ScragTheTroll@aol.com), March 11, 2002.

Who's your Fellowship fella?
Those baby blues are SO sexy!
how sweet....

-- Emily~*~ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (ecat100@yahoo.com), March 12, 2002.

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