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Now that we are in the 21 first centry, does anyone have knowledge of how much trackage (mileage wise) remains for the ACL vs. SAL. I realize a lot of trackage has been abandoned on both sides, but who's side has retained the most.

-- Nelson Whitley (, March 10, 2002


The ACL has the most trackage left on the modern day CSXT according to the tonnage charts of all active lines

-- V.L.Lewis (, March 11, 2002.

I would venture to guess that more ex-SAL trackage exists to this day

ACL lost ALOT of trackage in florida, whereas most SAL is still in use, notable exception SAL coleman-auburndale. The SAL mainline was cut savannah-north of jax, and from norlina-petersburg, whereas the ACL mainline is intact from tampa-richmond

im sure someone here has the exact figures

-- troy nolen (, March 11, 2002.

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