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At the Great Scale Train Show in Timonium, MD in January, I bought a couple of the Society's Intermountain 50' PS-1 boxcar kits lettered for SCL(big thanks to the knowledgeable fellows at the booth who had prototype photos on hand to verify the car's accuracy!), and was wondering which ladders and grab irons should be used. I model the late seventies/early eighties period, so I'm assuming that the running board should be left off, and I wonder if this has a bearing on whether to use the tall or short ladders. Some roads seem to have kept tall ladders even after running boards were removed.

Also, I noticed later at the same show that the Society was offering prototype photos for sale of these cars and other ACL/SAL/SCL equipment. Does anyone know where I can still get some of these?

Thanks, John

-- John Maugans (, March 10, 2002



You could do it either way, depending on the prototype, as there were goth versions. Some cars had high ladders and no roof walks, while others had the ladders cut down. I'd just go by a photo.

-- Paul Faulk (, April 15, 2002.

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