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Where can I locate photos of REA operations including their vehicles with poster advertising on the side.

-- Charlie Harris (charlie@tech-j.biz), March 10, 2002


The best reference I've found is a soft-cover book by Vic Roseman. The title is "Model Railroading's Guide to Railway Express Agency: Railway Express -- An Overview." The book was published by Rocky Mountain Publishing Company in 1992 at $12.95 (Library of Congress 92- 060842, ISBN 0-9612692-5-1.) It is quite complete and includes a history of the company, railroad cars, buildings, etc. There is an entire chapter on trucks, vans and containers with photos of both real equipment and models, plus pen-and-ink sketches. Many show the advertisements displayed. There are also hints on commercial sources for the most typical vans used. I'm not sure if this book is still listed as available -- check recent Model Railroading magazine issues. I've seen it at train flea markets.

-- tom warne (twar@chevron.com), March 12, 2002.

The Roseman book is still in stock at Model Railroading magazine and you can order it online at http://www.modelrailroadingmag.com/html/realexprss.htm

-- Larry Puckett (ljpuckett@starpower.net), March 12, 2002.

Thanks for your replies. Tom and Larry. Yes that is a very good book by Roseman, I do have a well worn copy thru lots of use. Is Mr Roseman able to be contacted anywhere?


-- Charlie Harris (charlie@tech-J.biz), March 16, 2002.

I am looking for a copy of RAILWAY EXPRESS an Overview by V.S. Roseman, Rocky Mountain Publishing, Denver Co., 1992. Our museum has a 47 Dodge REA truckand we want restore it. Any info on the REA OR THE DODGE TRUCK our railroad muesum is in Ellis, KS if your in this area stop by. We have two M.P. Express cars fom the colorada Eagle and outher great R.R. artifacts.

-- thomas l. robinson (rrailway@gbta.net), July 03, 2004.

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