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Well, I know you will never believe this, but yesterday I had my first crochet lesson. Not such a big deal , huh?? Well you might change your mind when you find out WHERE, the lesson was. In my local fabric and crafts section at Wal-Mart. Yup I typed wal-mart. I was looking at books to see if I could find one that might be easy to understand. 2 ladies walked up next to me and began talking about making crocheted cutains. I asked if they knew which of the books would be useful for a beginner, and one of them told me she could teach me all I needed to know right there. She pulled a hook off the shelf, and some yarn from her purse and began the lesson, about 1/2 way through I looked up and saw my hubby approaching our little gathering. ( He had been in hunting section.) I smiled at him and said " Well be done in a few minutes honey." He just smiled real big and shook his head. He even stayed and listened to what the lady was teaching me. ( Now that is a devoted hubby!!) So after we were done with the lesson, My hubby bought me a complete set of hooks and some yarn, so I can practice till my fingers go numb. Just thought Id share in the funny story. Hope you enjoyed it. Kristean

-- Kristean Thompson (, March 09, 2002

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