...and you want to pay to keep this clown on the streets?

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If you have seen these three articles before, just skip this post. When the facts of this ‘Stu’ case are examined, it does nothing but enforce the twisted thinking that emanates from ‘Fat Olson Land’. I was particularly struck by the following:

1). When the police approached Fjeld in the stadium parking lot and asked him if he were armed, he answered yes. They found three weapons on him.

2). He has already admitted to stealing the items from the Bronco’s.

3). They found over 24 different weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition in his van, including items that are illegal to own. What in the world was he doing with all of that armament in his van? Getting ready to do a Columbine?

4). Olson tells the reporter that Stu is a ‘great guy’ and that all of the Timebomber’s ‘love Stu’. I doubt that Dennis has ever met Stu and that would go for the rest of those morons.

5). Olson tells the reporter that Stu used to be a cop but he’s not sure where. Sounds like another typical Internet fabrication.

For the sake of the good people of Colorado, let’s hope they put this whacko in a small room for a long time.




Date: Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Section: Local

Page: 5A

Illustration: Color Photo

Source: By Lynn Bartels

News Staff Writer

Memo: Contact Lynn Bartels at (303) 892-5327 or bartels@RockyMountainNews.com.

Edition: Final

Police found an array of weapons and ammunition in a van belonging to a Mile High Stadium guard suspected of stealing Broncos paraphernalia.

Among the 27 weapons police confiscated Monday night were a handgun with a silencer and a Chinese SKS automatic rifle - both illegal, Sgt. Tony Lombard said.

Stuart Fjeld, 38, of Aurora, is being held on $50,000 bail in the Denver city jail. He faces charges of theft and possession of a dangerous or illegal weapon, jail records show.

He also may face federal weapons charges, Lombard said.

Fjeld works for a company that provides security at the old stadium, but does not work for the Denver Broncos or any company associated with the new stadium, Invesco Field at Mile High, team and security officials said.

The Denver Broncos stored a number of items, including jackets, polo shirts and shoes, at a room in the old stadium, said Scott Bliek, security manager for Stadium Management Co., which manages Invesco Field for the stadium district.

Police were called Monday about items that were missing.

Lombard said the Broncos suspected an inside job, and during the investigation Fjeld's name was mentioned. Police found his vehicle in the stadium parking lot and noticed Broncos clothing and an automatic rifle inside, Lombard said.

Police then found the guard and asked if he was armed. He said he was, so police searched him and found three weapons, Lombard said.

With Fjeld's consent, officers then checked his van and found 24 weapons, several thousand rounds of ammunition, fully loaded 30-round magazines and Talon bullets. Talon bullets peel back upon impact and create gaping wounds. Police said they recovered numerous items belonging to the Broncos and Turner Construction, which helped build Invesco Field.


Date: Thursday, January 24, 2002

Section: Local

Page: 29A


Mile High Suburbs

Edition: Final

A former Mile High Stadium security guard pleaded not guilty to theft charges Tuesday in Denver District Court.

Stuart Fjeld, 38, of Aurora, is accused of taking items the Broncos stored in an office at the old stadium, including jackets, polo shirts and shoes.


Date: Friday, November 2, 2001

Section: Local

Page: 24A

Source: By Lynn Bartels

News Staff Writer

Edition: Regional

Visitors to a Web site called Timebomb2000 have pledged to raise money to help a Mile High Stadium security guard suspected of stealing Broncos sportswear and violating firearms laws.

Stuart Fjeld, who was arrested Monday night at the stadium, was a moderator on the Web site, usually posting information on weapons.

Timebomb2000 is an offshoot of an Internet bulletin board formed because of fears over Y2K.

``We're `doomers,' '' domain owner Dennis Olsen of Wisconsin said Thursday. ``Stu's a doomer.''

He said the tight-knit group is shocked over Fjeld's arrest, and donors have contributed about $8,000 for his bail and an attorney.

He wasn't sure when the money would reach Fjeld.

``Everybody loves Stu,'' Olsen said. ``He's an avid (gun) collector and as honest as the day is long.''

Fjeld, 38, of Aurora, is being held in the Denver City Jail on charges of theft and weapons violations. Police said they confiscated more than two dozen weapons, including a handgun with a silencer and a Chinese SKS assualt rifle, both of which are illegal in Denver.

Detective Edward Leger said Fjeld admitted he took items the Broncos were storing in an office at the old stadium. The Broncos reported the theft Monday.

Vistors to the ``Timebomb2000'' Web site suggested Fjeld might have been framed by federal officials.

``Sounds like a setup to me,'' one contributor said. ``Be very careful what you say on this forum. The Internet Gestapo is just one keystroke away.''

``I can't imagine Stu stealing Bronco trash,'' another posting reads.

Fjeld has written more than 1,000 postings on the Web site, including this one about stockpiling food:

``On most food items I have 6-9 months for 4 people,'' Fjeld wrote. ``This includes a lot of rice and veggies. The amount of store meat is a bit lacking, as is the water supply. . . . Guns and ammo should last for generations.''

In another, he warned about certain homemade silencers, saying the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms constituted them illegal.

Olsen said Fjeld is a former police officer, but he didn't know where.

-- Send (mo@money.please), March 09, 2002


The one aspect of this case that I find interesting is the insistence on the part of the Bronco’s that Fjeld be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law…….no mercy or reduction of charges.

Normally, an organization like the Bronco’s would avoid as much publicity as possible in a case such as this. Apparently, they find this Stuart Fjeld so repugnant, they are insisting he get the maximum penalty available.

-- Free (head@case.analysis), March 09, 2002.

I think what's more disturbing is your obsession with Stu and this entire subject.

I guess the "baby-selling" rants are no longer 'working' for you?

-- (cin@cin.cin), March 09, 2002.

Cin, this is an ongoing news story that the TB2K’ers are keeping alive with their numerous posts on the subject. What’s more disturbing is your brown-nosing defense of the freakazoids at Fat Olson Land.

Oh, wait a minute, I forgot. You are one of those freakazoids yourself, fearful of banishment for speaking your own mind.

You do have a mind don’t you?

-- Send (mo@money.please), March 09, 2002.

I'm not on anyone's side but my own, and I prefer to keep an open mind. I just call it how I see it.

Come to think of it, I've never been called a dumb cunt or a slut on Timebomb. Kind of ironic that this place is password protected.

-- (cin@cin.cin), March 09, 2002.

Looks like the cops and the DA are handling the Stu thing with no further outside help.

-- helen (tax@money.at.work.there), March 09, 2002.

ps...I've never had a problem speaking my mind at Timebomb. So much for another of your silly theories.

-- (cin@cin.cin), March 09, 2002.

"Free (head@case.analysis)"

You better get one of those yourself, your mind is going fast.

-- (FHCA = @ pathetic. obsessed stalker), March 09, 2002.

Oh Helen, you left out the Feds. And why the statement about ‘outside help’? Are you suggesting that this story is without merit or beyond comment? Come on Helen; give us a serious take here.

Cin, who has called you those names here? The people at TB2K are afraid to pass wind for fear of deletion at the hands of people like Dennis and Satanta, so you are for sure safe over there.

On this board, those who have a moral conscience can still speak against the stupidity of idiots that send in money to aid and abet a low life criminal. If you are not bothered by that then that’s ok.

Don’t waste your energy shooting the messenger

-- Send (mo@money.please), March 09, 2002.

Talon bullets. I must say that I don't go for that one little bit.

-- Peter Errington (petere7@starpower.net), March 09, 2002.

Send -- "cops" -- federal, local, who cares? -- and the DA are handling the Stu thing. They don't need my help monetarily (they are funded by tax money, and if the feds are involved, it's my tax money), and they don't need for me to tell anyone over at TimeBomb what they can or cannot do with their money.

If you think about it, TimeBomb posters who urge sending money to Stu's defense fund or who say they will help him break out of jail are outing themselves.

By golly, I'm providing a direct service to our beloved federal police force by not urging restraint on TimeBombers. I knew there was a positive angle to my non-stance ...

-- helen (standing@firmly.with.The.Mule), March 09, 2002.

"those who have a moral conscience can still speak against the stupidity of idiots that send in money to aid and abet a low life criminal."

Didn't you mean to say "those who have a mental problem"??

What do you care what other people spend their money on, and what makes you think it is any of your business anyway, asshole? If you don't want to send money then don't, dipshit.

BTW, it is not "aiding and abetting" to donate money after the fact you moron. If this person is in fact a criminal, the justice system will see fit to the punishment. Guess you don't have much faith in Dubya's judicial system.

Personally, I think people like you are a hell of a lot more annoying than someone who wants to donate to a friend in need. If it were up to me I'd have assholes like you put behind bars, the world would be a much better place.

-- (fuck@off.dipshit), March 09, 2002.

Timebombers will always support their own - it doesn't matter what the crime. To them, the rest of us are lesser human beings - sheeple - and our lives and deaths are not important. Stealing from sheeple is not important. Carrying around a Columbine massacre kit to kill sheeple is not important.

The only thing that matters is that you believe in the religion of doomerism. If you pray to that god, all sins can be forgiven...

-- Bob Bildeberger (behind@thescenes.com), March 10, 2002.

Very well said Bob!!

-- Send (mo@money.please), March 10, 2002.

You better give it a rest, Y2K Pro, aka "Bob Bildeberger" aka "send no money".

The more you spew, the more insecure and paranoid you sound. LMAO!!

-- (Y2K Pro @ such. a wussy), March 10, 2002.

Is that you Fat Olson? LOL!

-- laughinatfatdoomers (olson@spotter.com), March 10, 2002.

"(Y2K Pro @ such. a wussy)",

You hit the nail on the head. The fact that the schizophrenic know as "Fat Molson, Y2K Pro, Send No Money, etc, etc..." is so obsessed with the activities of people on the other forum only reveals his own paranoia and insecurity. He is so delusional that he actually believes these people are some kind of threat to himself. In order to convince himself that he is not going insane (which he is), he must try to get support for his delusion by asking others to agree with his paranoid perceptions. Whether or not others agree with him will not change the reality that he is losing his mind and that these people are not a threat to him. He is in dire need of psychological help immediately before he goes completely bezerk and attacks innocent people.

-- cyber freud (molson @ delusional. paranoid), March 10, 2002.

Oh Cyber Fraud, yer village is calling you. Even a shit fer brains like you should be able to peel back the pond scum and see what’s in the water. This forum is somewhat staid and lacking in any exciting personalities so the circus AKA TB2K, is a good place to look at the animals.

I’m not sure who those other posters you mention are but I assure you that I am not them.

BTW hawk eye, it’s ‘MO’ money not ‘NO’ money. Fucking moron!!


-- Send (mo@money.please), March 10, 2002.

``Everybody loves Stu,'' Olsen said. ``He's an avid (gun) collector and as honest as the day is long.''

The sun must set very early in Fat Olson Land.

-- The (laughs@keep.coming), March 10, 2002.

"This forum is somewhat staid and lacking in any exciting personalities so the circus AKA TB2K, is a good place to look at the animals."

Great minds discuss ideas;

Average minds discuss events;

Small minds discuss people.

-- Small things amuse small minds (ROTFL @ "send. mo money"), March 10, 2002.

..I think I saw a chemplane headed yer way...better take cover...man the preps and fire up the generator!

-- Socrates (socrates@knowitall.com), March 10, 2002.

Get off the floor ‘small thing’, yer bothering the dust motes. I don’t wish to cause you any further mental consternation, but discussing people is normally connected to events and ideas. Rather difficult to separate these elements unless your critical thinking process is restricted to small things.

-- Send (mo@money.please), March 10, 2002.

"Send (mo@money.please)" is obviously a dipshit loser with too much time on his hands.

The only thing more pathetic than people who waste their time talking about predictions of doom is some dumbfuck who wastes all of his time talking about people who waste their time talking about predictions of doom!!


-- LOL (what@pathetic.shit!), March 10, 2002.

cyber fraud is demonstrating the pot calling the kettle back

-- doley (only@on.kymh), March 10, 2002.

Yer right LOL, I do have a little time today to fuck with half-wits like you.

-- Send (mo@money.please), March 10, 2002.


More back and forth; Love It

Thanks, ah Socrates, for the chemtrail heads-up.

-- So (cr@t.es), March 10, 2002.

"The only thing more pathetic than people who waste their time talking about predictions of doom is some dumbfuck who wastes all of his time talking about people who waste their time talking about predictions of doom!!"

I think the people who waste their time talking about people who waste their time talking about people who predict doom are the most pathetic.

-- Andy (andy@kaufman.com), March 11, 2002.

They're not nearly as bad as the people who waste their time talking about people who waste their time talking about people who waste their time talking about people who predict doom. They really suck.

-- (what@i.think), March 11, 2002.

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