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An Estate Agent told me that our local paper allows public access to their archive, (for a small donation to charity)so it's possible to check what similar properties were selling for at the time of a repo sale. It wouldn't be stict proof of underselling, but one more thing to add to your argument.

We are very lucky to have a lovely (independent) local estate agent, who has looked through his old files at 1996 prices - he reckons 50-55K would have been right - they sold it for 36K. If you can find a sympathetic Estate Agent, they could be really helpful, ours has given us a few ideas.

-- Helen Hawkins (, March 09, 2002


Good point Helen.

Which area do you mean when you say 50-55k?

Other readers should note that most town's reference libraries keep copies of local newspapers and that most local newspapers also keep old copies.


-- Lee (, March 09, 2002.


We live in West Berkshire.


-- Helen Hawkins (, March 10, 2002.

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