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I purchased two oil portraits in Sasolito in the late l960's or early l970's by an artist signed DEBO. Would like more info on his work or him. Thanks

-- Eleanor Sears (, March 09, 2002


I wondered if you had a response to your question about the artist, Debo. I also purchased a painting at the Hanson Gallery in Sausalito about 30 years ago, and would like to know about the artist. If you have learned anything, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you, Sharon Monsey

-- Sharon Monsey (, May 16, 2002.

Debo, 33 years of age at the time, had a gallery in Sausalito in 1970 called the 4th Dimension on the waterfront not far from the ferry landing. At the time he was selling realism for about $3,000 for a large canvas. He looked somewhat like actor John Astin, lived in Mill Valley where he painted in his basement. His wife was blonde with short hair, as I recall, and was the daughter of a theatre director in San Francisco. About 1980 I met his apprentice painter... can't recall name in Yakima Washington and we talked about Debo. Debo's real name is Dennis Clark.

-- Michael Strom (, February 26, 2004.

my ex husband and i purchased a debo painting and a paint rag in 1970 from swanson galleries in sausalito under my exes name, john pittman. at one point we had an appraisal for $12,000.00{which i can no longer find} i still have this painting titled "a thousand years past". the subject is an old man profile. I still love it because it has so much character in his face, but at the moment i need to sell it. i too would like any information, because i want to get an appraisal.

patti pounders 972-644-1101

-- patricia e. pounders (, March 27, 2004.

I happen to be reading Confession of an Art Dealer, which is an autobiography of John Swanson, the art dealer selling Debo's work. The book was published in 1995(very interesting book). Swanson writes: " Over the years Debo and I have stayed in touch. His production has slowed downand he does more portrait commission that he used to do. He makes his living mostly doing portraitsof well- to-do winery owners in the Napa Valley. His family has remained close and supportive. His children are grown and married, and all live near him." I hope this will help...

-- Danielle Miller (, March 28, 2004.

I have a large (32 X 42) oil painting which I purchased at Swanson's in Sausalito in 1966 or 67. I bought it from a study sketch. He was less well known at that time. He signed his pictures DEBO horizontally... Later paintings were signed vertically. His later paintings were displayed near Girhadelli Square... They were smaller and I thought slightly more impressionistic and intense. He did a portrait of Lanie Kazan which went on an album cover of that time. I always felt that his work was very Rembrandt like... He did hands particularly well. It seems a tragedy that he didn't continue on a path that would have made him a household name in the art world... He certainly had the potential. I believe that he had an amphetamine problem in those days which couldn't have helped his career.

-- Lawrence Welter (, May 24, 2004.

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