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I have just had a soak dug out on my small farm and have discovered that the water source is an underground spring. Any ideas on how to best expose/control/utilise this water source. The soak is fairly big with the spring in one corner. The spring will be underwater when the soak fills. I am looking for a construction that will ensure that the spring won't, over a period of time, course the soak to silt up again. Any ideas, reading material etc out there. To be honest I don't even know who to contact professionally. Are there dam specialists?, soak specialists?, water engineers? Any info would be greatfully received. By the way I live 20kms from Albany on the south coast of WA.

-- Judy Little (, March 09, 2002


Controlling springs

Dear Judy

There are groundwater specialists and engineers available for this sort of work. You may not have any in Albany but I know there are some in Perth and probably Busselton. Look under Hydrologists or Environmental Consultants int the yellow pages.

-- Angelene & Tim O'Callaghan (, March 16, 2002.

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