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Can someone with a 2002 MV answer:

1) Does the 2002 MV have the same fluffy flat spot the 2000 models had? The 2000 would be extremely weak under 5,000 rpm and suddenly wake up at 5, 500.

2) Do you have any excessive vibrations in the handlebars? This may have been limited to my old 2000.

3) Does it still run hot when at a stop light? The 2000 model would run around 200 to 210.

4) Any reliability problems: oil leaks, stalling, batteries blowing up and spewing acid?

I'm just curious to see how many bugs Cagiva has gotten out of the MV since the 2000 model. Any further riding impressions would be greatly appreciated.

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, March 07, 2002


Hi Allan, I have a 2002. (1) Still is flat belowe 5K, totaly dead. (2) No vibrations at all. (3) Just got back from Daytona Bike week and riding back today. sat running still in heavy trafic for 1.5 hours and Temp stayed between 200 and 210 witch is normal for 2002. The air cooled Harleys were over heating and locking up right and left. By-the-way people were flipin out over my mv. I couldn't go anywere with out a crowd gathering around. Does the ego good. If you are unsure if you bought the right bike, Just cruse down Main street at bike week and find out for your self. (4) As for reliability, I have only put 1000 mile's on my bike so it is hard to say, but no problems as of yet. Just weak below 5K. Kevin Warner Orlando Florida

-- Kevin Warner (, March 09, 2002.

Thanks Kevin. I signed the paperwork today and my 2002 Silver bi- posto will be arriving on Monday. :)

I'll consider the first MV that I had as a warm up for this one!

-- Allan Gibbs (, March 10, 2002.

What a nice bike Allan. I was thinking maybe I should have waited for that bike. It was so nice in the sunlight. I bet you don't see too many of those in the future. And you have a back seat in case you want someone else to come along for the ride (something I probably should have bought!).

You should ride it down here one day!


-- Andy Ruhl (, March 11, 2002.

Hey Allan. Hope you're feeling better. As you know, I just pickup a 2002 bi-posto last week and had a chance to put 100 miles on it.

The engine tuning on the 2002 appears to be much improved over the 2000 model. With just a quick drive around the block and then confirmed with a 70 mile canyon ride, I could tell it revs fast and has a bit more power on the low end. It's not a night and day difference but it is a difference. It's possible that this is because of the more horse power in the 2002 model, or the fact that my old 2000 model may not have been adjusted as well as it should have been (the 2000 model was bought with 800 miles and never serviced at an MV dealership).

There is a bit of vibrations on the handlebar and on the tank at 4,000 rpm, but NO WHERE near as bad as the 2000 model, which at 5,000 rpm would vibrate like a....well, a vibrator. Again the state of tune on the 2000 model may have been an issue.

I've tried to get the 2002 model too run hot and past 200 by riding and then allowing it to idle for a few minutes. The most I was able to get is 190. Given that the temperature of the time I had the 2000 and the 2002 are about the same, I'd say the 2002 is able to keep cooler. Yes, the 2000 model did have both radiators.

The ride setup on the 2002 is at the factory setting, which make a huge difference over the 2000, which was tinkered with. The 2002 turns far quicker than the 2000, but that is only due to the setup.

The brakes appear to be about the same...weak. Clutch and shifter are about the same, although needs to be broken in further.

So far with 100 miles on the clock, the 2002 runs flawlessly. Hope the perfection lasts.

Lastly, in terms of color, the all silver does grow on you. It's more elegant and passive, and shows the lines of the MV much better than the red/silver. In contrasts the red/silver is more visually appealing and sporty. At a very quick glance, I doubt I could identify an all silver MV, yet red/silver identified the MV very quickly. Had I not had a red/silver MV before, I'd would have choose red/silver but the all silver is still very nice. In the details, 2002 bi-posto's rear seat blends very nicely with the tail section and the exhaust pipes are a brushed bronzed vs. the 2002 red/silver which is black.

Oh, one other difference between the two is that the 2002 vs. 2000 is that is comes with a carbon fiber-look tank protector.

-- Allan Gibbs (, March 16, 2002.

any MV looks good, but I too am attracted to the all silver. My brother has a Senna which, of course, is absolutely beautiful. But, after awhile, the impact of the Senna seems to wain, but the classic quality of the all silver holds its appeal. Great bike...

-- Larry Nipon (, September 06, 2002.

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