Why doesn't grated soap lather?

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I had the clever idea of grating bits and pieces of my wonderful, skin-conditioning cold-process soap to use at the sink. I thought it would eliminate the damp, messy bar of soap on the sink and recycle my expensive soaps. For some reason, these bits and curls of grated soap refuse to lather. Does anyone know why?

-- Angie Chiavone (aliantha02@yahoo.com), March 07, 2002


You may have put in some detergent based stuff too? Detergent nullifies the soap.... Yin and Yang....

-- Gailann Schrader (gtschrader@aol.com), March 07, 2002.

If you have a spray attachment at you sink use it as you run your water. That's how I get my hand crafted soap to lather in the dish pan. It won't last long though. Add a bit of borax to your water helps also.

-- Sheila in NC (nannie@intrstar.net), March 07, 2002.

If you want to use grated soap in the washing machine and/or kitchen. Grate soap, disolve in a little hot water, add to sink/machine when disolved Then you will get a lather

-- Cheryl Yates (ellinjaa@ledanet.com.au), March 09, 2002.

I grate the soap that I cannot sell because of a defect like the color of but still good soap. I grate it first in some hot water coming out of the washer machine until it hits the low level, I then let it wash for a moment or two and I have lots of lather at which point I add the clotes and fill up with warm water. I every once in awhile need to use a deterigent to get stains out but for our work clotes on the farm I use my soap. My husband's dress clothes for work also get my soap unless like I said their is a stain. You soap receipe must have some coconut in it inorder to get lather too.

-- debbie (bwolcott@cwis.net), March 09, 2002.

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