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Im lookin for ladybug progects to have in my bedroom n wildife ideas too that are not expensive that i can afford.(im also lookin for apple progects, blue jean curtains, and smiley faces only in yellow n black colors so if you could help me with links to pages i would appreciate it

i am pretty crafty n i can figure out how to do most things, just lookin for new exciting pages on th web n to talk to differnt ladies about what they are workin on also.

I work on several differnt progects at once i think i got over 20 i have goin right now n at this time im movin too

smile makes everyone wonder what u r up 2 :)

-- sherry keim (, March 07, 2002


I have some ladybugs you can have!

Just kidding-I used to love ladybug designs until we moved and there is a yearly ladybug swarm here.

I also have too many projects-I don't think I have twenty but who knows-there may be some stashed somewhere.

I HATE moving-I'm still trying to recover from where we moved last year.

-- Kelly (, March 10, 2002.

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