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A new Stars! site? We don't get many of those any longer. Keep up the good work and try not to let it die, OK?

regards sb

-- sb (, March 06, 2002


Greetings sb,

Don't worry, now that I've decided to go public, I plan to stick around a while. :)

Stars! has a small but well established community. It's tough to compete with all the sites that offer tons of flashy graphics, and lots of content. I don't know if this place will work out or not. But I've been involved with this "message board" business since before the internet became popular.

There's just something about this form of communication that people seem to like. Especially one where you can say what's really on your mind. Many "fora" these days are heavily moderated. Say one thing that could be considered "offensive" and you're otta here! I don't believe in that. While I won't stand for things that are generally offensive, like pornography, I don't care about the occasional 4 letter word. This is a tough call, considering "kids" could hang out on a forum like this. But I think anyone that is interested enough in Stars! to be here in the first place, is old enough to know what a dickhead is, and won't be shocked if they see it in print. They may giggle, like most adults, but they won't be shocked.

Just MHO. :)

-- StarMaster (, March 06, 2002.

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