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Did you know that if you take the roller out of a roll on anti- persprant bottle, wash it very well, put in tempera paint, replace roller, It makes great for painting for the kids.

-- Karen (, March 05, 2002


Response to Crafting Hint of the Day

How do you get those little suckers out of there? I've wondered this before!

-- Christine in OK (, March 05, 2002.

Response to Crafting Hint of the Day

Some deoderant bottles are better than others--Ban (wait for a sale) has a top with the roller that you can just pry off, others are single units--you have to take off the cap and look. I've never had anyone ask me what I'm doing at the store, either, I think it is quite common for people to check out the smells on products.

They would also be good for putting laundry detergent in for a stain rub, or plain water for moistening envelopes (ice cube on a sponge is good too, but the sponge gets yucky after a while).

-- GT (, March 05, 2002.

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