I'm gong to baffle the medical community

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I will only eat Little Debbie's sancks and drink Mt Dew for the rest of my life. I will live until I'm 110 and die in a freak bungee jumping accident. I will live in perfect health and even lose 10 pounds on my new diet.

I will never eat actual food again, or will I drink water. All of the preservatives in this junk food will preserve my health and youth. You may go ahead and scoff at me if you want, but I will have the last laugh.

Heck, I might even add some Hershey's Choclate Syrup to my diet.

-- Prego John (junk@food.king), March 04, 2002


Don't forget Oreos. They're a real satisfaction to 400# diabetic amputees that watch TV all day.

-- (Diabetic Dick@sugar.coma), March 05, 2002.

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