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And on top of that, an exterminator sprayed him with poison!

We need to send the little guy a get-well card!

-- Stephen (, March 04, 2002



I haven't been keeping up with BatBoy because the supermarket I go to (just because it's convenient) is a rather lowclass place that does not carry the Weekly World News.

But I am relieved, actually, at your news because it means that the pint-sized hero has escaped from the clutches of the Al Qaeda.

The last news I read was that Al Qaeda had captured BatBoy through an act of appalling treachery and was going to set up a show trial, after which they were going to execute him for war crimes in Afghanistan. These crimes included urinating in scores of Al Qaeda caves, rendering them uninhabitable, and mooning bin Laden's favorite wife.

-- Peter Errington (, March 05, 2002.

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