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Does anyone have any experience dealing with "Home Assembly" out of New Britain CT, or "Stuff-4-Kids" in El Toro, CA? They advertised in the last issue of Countryside, so I'm hoping they are reputable. Both companies require a fee for a starter kit. So far, I've only invested stamped self-addressed envelopes. I am hesitant to send any money 'til I know more. Stuff-for-kids says they are a member in good standing with the National Homeworkers Association. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

-- Ann K (, March 04, 2002


I dont know anything abou "home assembly out of CT or Stuff-4-kids in CA but I did do a quick check and dont see a phone number listed in the yellow pages for either company under that name. As for National Homeworkers Association, I see several references to them and each link to them seem to point to some company wanting to sell me things to build a home based business. An Association in my mind doesnt sell anything, they just help promote the interest in the industry. From the looks of things I could be a member in good standing with the National Homeworkers Association for the modest fee of $26/year.

I also did a quick check on the CT Better business Bureo web site and Home Assembly is not a memeber. Might want to invest time and call both cities BBB and ask. Was the mailing address for info a po box or a real address? I did run across a site with lots of home based businesses. They have a number of services listed. some look like you MIGHT be able to make money others looks pretty scammy to me.

Ask the imortal question, Does it sound to good to be true? The answer is almost always, IT IS.

I think there is lots of home based jobs that are viable, but there also lots of scams.

good luck.

-- Gary (, March 04, 2002.

Hello Ann,

I did business with one in Orlando, Florida and it was a real business! However, the assembly of the little tiny jewelry boxes that I had commissioned were quite difficult. The were only about one inch by two in is size and had to be glued completely together including a velvet lining, hinges and knobs. As I assembled them with tweezers I only manage to make about one every three or four hours. I believe I was only getting about $4.50 per jewelry box. I gave it up since it was difficult and wasn't worth my time.

Hope this helps,


-- (, March 05, 2002.

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