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Well--the big 4 gallon blue enamel pot is slowly boil'n away on the gas range at the "house of ole Calvin'n hoot".

1 head of cabbage cut up some.

2# sak of carrots, scraped and cut up.

1 stalk of celery cut up a mite.

6 fairly large sized taters, peeled'n cut up.

5 big onions--halved.

3 cans of green beans.

1 can of corn.

1 small can of diced maters.

1 BIG can of whole, peeled maters.

1 small can of big butterbeans.

What have I forgot--cept'n the flavor--. Ain't put no meat in it just yet. Since I'm not eatin beef or pork anymore it narrowes it down a bunch. I don't have any groundhog, possum, turk, coon OR deermeat. Suppose it'll have to be old dead chik'n!

By evenin it orta be fit to eat but I'm not makin any promises on how good it'll be.

The old sayin "you are what you eat" is more true than we like to think. Almighty God put all the things we need to eat here on earth. It was good and wholesome. In the process of "greed at all costs" the food industry has thrown out all sensible solutions to problems encountered while growin our grub, whether animal or plant. "Just shoot it full of chemicals---nobody will ever know the difference" seems to be the motto for'm now. Many people are gettin sick and dying needlessly because of those chemicals fed and shot into our food, genetically engineered into our plants, fertlizer laced with industry toxins to dispose of in unsuspecting farmers, etc.

I for one, think it's time to revert back to cookin as close to God's will as we can. Garden season is upon us in some parts of the country. So is chick'n orderin time! I'm figgerin out what I want to do this summer. The biggest decision I think I have is --do I continue to use Ky Wonder pole beans or try another type! Maters? Big Boy, Better Boy and Early Girl!! Now, back to that "stuff" cookin--. Almost time to put in the chick'n!

ole hoot gibson. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, March 04, 2002



You are such a dear. You have struck on the very cord of our reasoning to homestead. To provide our children with unadulterated foods. I shutter every time I have to buy meat from the store or give my beautiful girls milk from Krogers. Last time I did, after drinking 1/2 the gallon, there was a recall due to pesticides. I prayed that god would protect my girls from my stupidity and lack of natural resources. In the end, all that matters is love. and how you show it. I try to show my love for gods gift ( my girls ) by trying to protect them from harm. Hope you have a good day hoot. I love your posts.... Kristean

-- Kristean Thompson (, March 04, 2002.

Man Hoot! I thought I smelled something wonderful cooking! Thanks for sharing.

-- cowgirlone in OK (, March 04, 2002.

Hoot, you are so right about our food, I real all labels. I do not put any thing in our mouths that have chemicals, Have you tired Contender string beans, They grow good down here, And one of the best tomatoes we produced was first prize, We still eat beef, but we have range fed beef from nieghbor, so we know what it is like.I get a half every year, and put in freezer. We use a lot of olive oil, for our health, and I stick garlic in everything.I need to try and eat more fruit, but any thing you buy at store is tasteless. The Calif. Oranges have been good this year though.And we eat a banana every day. Well God Bless Irene

-- Irene texas (, March 04, 2002.

Hoot---when I lost my immune system from the chemicals I worked with-- -(over the years)-then also getting them in the food I ate----I/ at that time became a vegetarain because of no immune system----when your body does not process the meat protein any longier----if I happen to eat at a friends home/ or eat out at a cafe & something is seasoned with meat-----it is like the worse case of food poisioning /or the worse case of the flu you have ever had----- people will say to me /well the meat was organic---it should not have made you sick ---etc/etc/etc/etc/---I have nothing against anyone else eating meat---I personally believe it is best /if you raise it without chemicals---or know someone who has raised it with out chemicals---- But from now on /I will be eating veggies & fruit & organic whole grains/ etc/etc/etc/----No meat for me please!!!! I often fix almost the same as you were cooking----& have found veggie broth or instant all natural veggie broth works very well in the liquid & adds even more flavor & I also add my home grown herbs!!

Can't wait to be able to dig in the dirt-----but we still have ice & snow here!!

I always have to plant some cherry maters & some pear maters-also! How about you??

-- Sonda in Ks. (, March 05, 2002.

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