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I'm using Videowave 4 to convert .avi files to mpeg (video cd - pal) and adaptec easy cd creator 4.1 to burn the disc. Everything seems OK until come to play it on my computer or stand alone DVD player. The computer just won't play it at all and the DVD (Goodmans GDVD125) which will play MP3's, CD-R and CD-RW and is supposed to play VCDs tries to play the film but all I get is a load of pixels and squeaks. Adaptec says it has been written successfully but the info shows as:- Total Written Tracks 3 3 Files 6 4

Is something happening that I'm not aware of ??? My computer will read what info is on the disc and all files in the MPEGAV folder are all named music01.dat, music02.dat etc

Would be really grateful if anyone could help me on this

-- sue crilly (, March 04, 2002


Get a demo copy of Nero from and use it to make your VCD. You can use Nero free for 30 days. EZ CD Creator sucks and you might be doing something wrong or it might even be to blame. Nero is super easy to use and you should be able to make something that will play with it.

-- Jason (, March 04, 2002.

You could also try VCDEasy, which is freeware and lets you burn VCD 1.0, VCD 2.0, and SVCD with chapters. Nero does not do chapters.

-- Robert Templeton (, March 05, 2002.

Sue, I think your problem lies with your cd writer, is it burnproof? I used to have a TEAC 4 speed writer and it just created dodgy vcd's with pixellation and squeaky audio.

IF you dont have a burnproof writer - download vcd easy or NERO and 'build' your vcd layout (add your film files and give the disc a name etc) THEN ask the software to create a DISC IMAGE of it ie. on your hard drive - as one big file, then load this file back into your software and burn it, works every time on non-burnproof writers. But i'm not sure if Adaptec can write disc images to hard drives.

Hope this helps,


ps. try these sites and

-- Andy (, March 06, 2002.

I believe the address posted here should be

-- rob (, March 10, 2002.

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