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Stars! is a complex multiplayer space strategy game for Windows. There are several sites on the web dedicated to Stars! There are Stars! utilities that you can download, strategy guides, countless articles on the best race design, technical descriptions of various game functions, automated game hosts, reviews, game hacks, even a Stars! news group. The list seems endless. You will find none of this here. I have posted a LINKS thread where you can find much of the above, but this place is here just to talk about Stars!

I don't plan on doing much moderating here, but please consider that this is an open public forum, about a computer game. Kids play games. Please act like an adult, even if you are a kid. :) If you find anything generally considered offensive, please attempt to bring it to my attention, and I will act on it. But I hate censorship, and I really hate being bothered! :)

Except for that, anything goes! We'ld all love to hear about your last victory, and what a great game Stars! is. We all want to know what the secret is to your best race design. New to the game and have a question? Ask away. Starting a new game and need players? Just start a thread. In a perfect world, we'ld all be talking about how much fun we're having playing Stars! But in a real world, problems arise. In a real world, wars start. If you've been screwed by a certain host, let the world know! Need to rant because a back stabbing "friend" just clobbered you with a surprise attack? Maybe we can help you plot a strategy to get even. We want to hear about anything and everything related to Stars! The good, the bad, and the ugly... Hopefully, we won't have many fights, but they do happen. Not my problem. Hopefully, we will all learn much about this wonderful game. Hopefully, we'll still have fun, even if we did just lose that big battle. But Stars! is a war game. So consider this the war room.

This forum requires that you enter an e-mail address when you post. I suggest that you use a real address so other fans can communicate with you "off line" if needed. If you're uncomfortable posting your "real" address on a public forum, you should consider a free anonymous e-mail account at Yahoo, Hotmail, or any of the other sites that offer this service, and use that account for environments like this. When they ask for your name, enter anything. My name is Vice Admiral. :)

If you do use a fake address, please use something like a@b.c, or some other "address" that doesn't use a common suffix, such as .COM .ORG .EDU .NET or .GOV. There may really be someone at abc@xyz.com! Also, fake addresses can cause anyone that posts a reply in one of your threads to get a "bounced" message back if you checked the e-mail notify flag. Please don't use this option if you start a thread with a fake address.

The name field on the posting screen is optional, and is the "handle" that will be displayed with your message. If you do use it, please use the same one all the time, so we know who you are. :)

I may choose to password protect this forum at any time. I may also close or move this forum at any time, but I hope not!

So, come on in and say hello! I'm all alone in here, trying to figure out what to do about that Nubian Missle Cruiser sitting outside my Win.o. =!<***>!= . . . . . . . . . . . :)

-- StarMaster (starmaster2400@yahoo.com), March 03, 2002



I'm just surious, why don't you update to 2.7JRC3? It seems very stable, and many are using it, including the games on Autohost.

You can download the upgrade patches from the KN-2050 link on my LINKS thread, or you can download the new version from the Stockmann link. :)

-- StarMaster (starmaster2400@yahoo.com), March 07, 2002.

hi everyone..... I have 2.7f...and trying to find ppl with icq where i can have a game...and also any PBEM

-- Keshav Ram (imkeshav@yahoo.com), March 07, 2002.

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