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I want to know what year the excursion from Richmond to Keysville called The Dixie Limited was ran?

-- Kirby Grubb (, March 03, 2002


According to fellow Old Dominion/NRHS members who worked the trips, the first Richmond-Keysville excursion was held on Sept 5 & 24 in 1966. (called 'The Keysville Limited'.) Trips would not be run again until 1971 (Sept 11 & 12). 1972 was skipped, but starting in 1973 (Aug 4 & 5) these trips were run each year until the final ones in 1985 (Aug 10 & 11). Not sure just which year the name 'Dixie Limited' was coined. Southern 4501 was probably the most notable power for some of the trips, but 750, 722,and FP-7s were also employed. Alas, I never got to experience any of these (I didn't move to the state until 1985), but have heard former crew members talk fondly of the trips, especially the great reception by the people of Keysville. I believe there may still be a few audio tapes of the 4501 made on one of these trips for sale at the Old Dominion Railway Museum gift shop in Richmond.

-- Greg Hodges (, March 23, 2002.

the trip i am wondering about is the one featured in the video majestic mikado and it was ran to the dixie days festival

-- Kirby Grubb (, April 18, 2002.

i found out from watching this tape that the trip was in 1985

-- Kirby Grubb (, December 01, 2002.

August 10 and 11 1985

-- kirby grubb (, February 19, 2003.

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