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I purchased a Brownie Super 27 at a Rummage sale for $2. a few years ago. it was in the original box, in like new condition. I'd like to use it and learn to take pictures with it, but I don't know where to get film, how to load the film, or anything like that. I live in Minneapolis Minnesota. I'll take any help and recommendations I can get. Thanks!

-- Char Engen (, March 03, 2002


Hi, Char, I've just discovered a man in New Jersey who sells expired film. He has 127, 120, 220, 620, 35mm, all kinds of stuff. If you email him, he might be able to send you an inventory list. The expiration dates vary but you might be able to find some newer stuff. He also sells on ebay. Here's the email address:

Here's something you might want to try: Get the 127 film and keep the backing paper and spool (ask your processor to give it back), then respool 35mm film onto the 127 backing and spool; you'll lose a bit of the picture but you'll be able to use the camera and get the film processed anywhere.

-- Pete Lutz (, March 14, 2002.

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