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Yo, Screed

-- (Rocco@buffed.enuff), March 02, 2002


Mission Statement

The Screed is an independent publication that discusses issues and events pertaining to the state of the Euro-American ethnic majority in the United States. The primary objectives of The Screed are:

To promote Eurocentric awareness. To promote and defend our common Western cultural heritage.

To promote and defend our rights to self-determination.

To provide a forum for the free exchange of news and opinion in a reasoned and civil manner.

The Screed is not intended as an assault upon any particular group. It does not advocate offensive, violent, or provocative acts. It does not promote race-hate. We believe that Euro-Americans are entitled to the same considerations in questions of race, as are African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and Hispanic-Americans. We too, are a "People". We believe that the abandonment of the Eurocentric make-up and outlook of this nation is by its very nature a threat to our continued stability and ultimately, our survival.

The Screed respects the Western judicial principle of "the rule of law". It is a journal devoted to the dissection of social ills and, the investigation into possible alternative causes - and cures - for them. It does not avoid controversy, and it will not shrink at criticism.

We do not pretend to speak for every white guy in the country. We couldn't - There are too many of them - with too many different opinions, for us to be so conceitedly smug. But, we do speak for some of them - And that "some" is a good many more than it may at first, appear. From the point of view of our opponents, this is the most unbearable fact: In a true democracy, our voice matters too. That is why they are forever trying to marginalize and silence us with pejorative monikers like: "Racists", "Extremists", and "Nazis". But, we're not...

We speak to that pinkish everyman whom Richard Nixon once called en masse, the "Silent Majority". He goes to work five days a week, he pays his taxes, he takes his kids to Church and then to McDonalds every Sunday, and he never stops wondering what went wrong when he reads his newspaper. Somehow, between the time when his grandpa help beat Hitler and Hirohito, and his dad sat on Frozen Chosin in Korea, to today - He became an "oppressor".

We try to be as accurate as possible in our reportage, and to be brutally honest in our observations on what we report. We believe that it is only through open debate that our democracy may be maintained. We seek neither fame or fortune in this pursuit - Ours is simply to inquire, and try to make sense out of what we see our world to be. In the final analysis that is our mission here, at The Screed.

I do not apologize for being a European-American.

-- (Rocco@buffed.enuff), March 02, 2002.

I do not apologize for being a European-American.

Nobody is asking you to. Although your father, and most likely your grandfather, and definatly your great-grandfathers should have and maybe even did (or didn't) realize their attitudes were wrong and apologise, or at least change those attitudes as they learned to live with "the others" as their equals.

Don't blame non euroamerican's for the biased shown against you. It was brought on by your ancestors, only you can change it by not believing as they did.

OH, and do not ever expect this country to go back to being majorally euroamerican. The last two or three generations have become virturally color (and nationality)blind and do not "see" other American's by their forfathers nationality, they see each other as simply other American's.

It is up to you to decide to accept some "guilt" you see thrust upon you. If the shoe fits-wear it. If it doesn't-don't worry about it, it wasn't meant for you any way.

-- Cherri (, March 03, 2002.

The last two or three generations have become virturally color (and nationality)blind and do not "see" other American's by their forfathers nationality, they see each other as simply other American's.

Get real. It is "you people" that have foisted hyphenated multiculturalism on everyone. It is "you people" who define everything from employment to university admissions by "affirmative action" quotas (except the NBA).

Ending discrimination does not mean replacing it with reverse discrimination. Should highly qualified Asian-American students be discriminated against in order to pander to another, less acedemically qualified racial/ethnic group? Is that what you call justice?

Under the PC ethics introduced by "you people", the last two or three generations have become much more color conscious.

-- (, March 04, 2002.

Yo, youse forgot "reparations". White folks is guilty of da actions of our great-great grandfolks.

-- (Rocco@buffed.enuff), March 04, 2002.

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