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Boy, things have been slow the last couple of days. Just making sure you are all still out there!

-- Karen (, March 01, 2002


Hi Karen,

I thought it was just me thinking things were slow. I'm glad someone else noticed it too. Where did everyone go? - Sheryl

-- Sheryl in NJ (, March 01, 2002.

I am here!! Keep peeking in but little action today.

-- Marie (, March 01, 2002.

I check in daily as well, but not time to post lately. I could send you all some people, but you gotta promise to keep them here!!!!!

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, March 01, 2002.

Well, send 'em over, Melissa! We'll keep the dead bolts on the door...LOL.

-- Karen (, March 02, 2002.

I'm still here, just been busy. We're trying to decide what to do with the boys room's, they need redecorated, and it's time for Nick to move into a regular bed instead of his toddler bed.

It's just difficult to decide how to arrange things, and also decide on a theme that will grow with the boys some. Any suggestions?

-- Christine in OK (, March 02, 2002.

Here---just busy----but the snow & blowing snow today /is keeping me inside!!!!

-- Sonda in Ks. (, March 02, 2002.

I have been busy making and canning hominy the past couple of days. It's a lot of work, but rewarding to turn an ear of hard dry corn into something we love eating! The rain is beginning to change to snow here. Mona Lea in S.E. Missouri

-- Mona Lea (, March 02, 2002.

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