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Op basis van die ene MP3 die ik heb zou ik zeggen: verdemme dat ik Boards of Canada gekocht heb ipv Bodily Functions. WTF zeggen jullie? (disclaimer: slaaptekort doet me ijlen.)

-- helenfordsdale (helenfordsdale@yahoo.com), March 01, 2002


ijlen is juist goed. in dat soort situaties onderga je muziek. mijn idee: niet verdemme. gewoon beide platen aanschaffen. zijn het namelijk waard. niet of of maar en en en en en.

theo die ontzettend wakker is op deze zaterdagochtend omdat zijn compaq laptop met XP het begeven heeft. damn.

-- theo ploeg (theo@cut-up.com), March 02, 2002.

XP, tsja doe zoals ik neem Win2000 Professional, heb je geen kind aan, digitaal graniet zo stabiel.

Tsja had deze vraag eerder gesteld en dan had ik je aangeraden om natuurlijk Bodily Functions aan te schaffen. Unieke plaat.

-- Omar (omar@kindamuzik.net), March 02, 2002.

Hoe klinkt Bodily Functions dan precies? Moet bekennen dat die plaat helemaal aan mijn aandacht is ontsnapt. Maar ik blijf er overigens bij dat de nieuwe Boards of Canada een geweldig album is.

-- bas (bas@kindamuzik.net), March 03, 2002.

klinkt fantastisch...

uitgebreider: There has to my mind always been something problematic about vocals in dance music. Perhaps not vocals per se, but rather the implications of a certain class of vocals: the hard soulfull vocal as signifier of humanity in contrast to the 'real' Voice of Dance: the vocoder. Some producers in the field of dance music when confronted with accusations of, say techno or tech step being cold and inhuman, fall for the route of inserting vocals as an easy ticket to musical warmth. This logic has in the past few years resulted in forced records like Breakbeat Era or in general, the love of straight garage for diva histrionics. All of which makes Herbert's Bodily Functions such a nice surprise: the dance album with vocals that actually works! Matthew Herbert's brand of tech house youāre probably familiar with. On albums like Around the House or last years outstanding mix-cd Letās Make Mistakes his glitches, clicks and cuts produced rhythmic seduction instead of alienation. The rhythm on Bodily Functions is again typical Herbert: lots of found sounds and noises (his child before and after birth, doors slamming, the sound of laser-surgery) form that instantly recognizable rhythm. A dry yet funky rhythm that forms a perfect contrast to the drifting voice of Dani Siciliano. No wailing here, but a sensual arsenal of soft whispers, relaxed and warm, sometimes a little effect added to keep things unpredictable. Bodily Functions also reminds me of a personal pipe dream: loverās techno. A couple of years after he had punished us with a typical 2-hour set of hard mathematical drumscapes Richie Hawtin did something quite unforgettable by following it with an hour of brilliant minimal techno full of soft touches, angelās sighs, caressing of the soul. In that short span loverās techno was born, alas not be found again, save on the occasional warmer edges of the Chain Reaction output. That is until now. Bodily Functions does not try to hide its intentions, with its titleās suggestion of sex and the cover drawing of man and woman holding hands. This is an amazing collection of intimate techno and house, sonically intriguing (special mention must be made of Herbert's spacious piano playing) and non- condescending lyrics dealing with relations, doubts and lust. The songs here belong to the rare breed of what Ian Penman once, writing about Tim Buckley, called adult lullabies. Drift off then, to the lover's voice, the dance of whispers and caresses, the rhythm of desire. (bron: een zekere Omar op kindamuzik.net)

-- Johan (johan@kindamuzik.net), March 03, 2002.

Nuja, hij vond BoC niet zo goed. Ik vind die FANTASTICKAH (mede dankzij tekort aan slaap dat me deed trippen heh!)

-- helenfordsdale (helenfordsdale@yahoo.com), March 04, 2002.

Die dubbele remix-cd is ook een aanrader hoor als je niks anders kan vinden Nathalie. Heel fijne verzameling van relaxte Herbert house in al zijn facetten. Zou best wel eens de soundtrack van de zomer kunnen worden.

-- Omar (omar@kindamuzik.net), March 30, 2002.

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