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Today we had to run into town to set up a display at the city library of woodcarvings done by different memebers of the woodcarving club, buy some rope and insulation at the hardware store and then off to haul wheat straw. We hauled 54 bales home put 40 in the storage barn and 14 bales on the vegetable garden walkways between the beds. If it doesn't rain tommorrow we will get than many more. I am now reading over the stuff on the computer and getting my fill of homemade chocolate chip cookies and hot coffee and then out to the shop for a few hours of wood turning, need some more bowls for the craft circuit. What did you do today. David

-- David in North Al (, March 01, 2002


Hi David, my day was not nearly so "homesteady", but fun anyways. I had to take my daughter to school to work on a project, today was conferences but she went in anyways to work on this scrapbook. I went to the bank, stopped at Dollar General, they had seeds 10 for $1 and I bought 70 packs. Then I went to the library and got too many books! When will I ever read them all??? Then I went to our community center and worked for several hours cleaning and decorating. Came home and fixed supper: fish, fried potatoes, cole slaw, and a fruit drink. Then did the evening chores,and went to visit a friend for a bit. Now I am going to go watch a video from the library, I picked up 2 Wilderness Family movies I thought the kids would like.

I am going to make popcorn, but those chocolate chip cookies sound good too!

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, March 01, 2002.

The phone rang this morning--- & it was a lady on the other end saying that the raffel tickets/ I bought from their church mission group for the handmade quilt /I had won!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was thrilled---I was at a town about an hour or more away from us one day in the mall(about a month or longier ago) & a lady I know well/ asked me if I wanted to buy a raffel ticket/ for the quilt as it would go to help their missions for the church-----I looked in my purse & said /I have $5.00--you can have it-----she said /then you get 5 chances----so I signed my name 5 times & visited with her---& never really thought any more about it--- she called to say they drew my name out this last week----- So we drove to the church about an hour away & picked up the quilt!! It is beautiful!!!!! And it is large enough to fit on our king bed--- I will cherrish it---as it was also made by hand /by a dear friend who helped quilt it!!!! What a great suprise & a wonderful blessing to receive such a beautiful quilt!!!! I love quilts!!!!!!!!!! And I sooo admire the work put into makeing it!!! It was such a wonderful suprise!!!!

-- Sonda in Ks. (, March 01, 2002.

Snowed in today, all Weld County schools closed and it's a large county. I teach in Adams County and they were open. I called in for a sub and stayed home with my!!! Still snowing & blowing tonight. Looked at seed catalogs today...I'm thinking home & garden show tomorrow...if drifts not too high!!!!!!

-- DW in CO (, March 01, 2002.

About midnight last night, we were awakened to the very-normal-for- here windstorm - I'd estimate it at about 55 mph average. Was tough to sleep, wind being so darned noisy! Anyway, DH left for work and I was still sleeping. Today it was windy and cool, not the really bad wind like during the night, but too windy for me to do much outside. So, I started more seeds in our growboxes (which I think I will post a separate thread about someday - DH made them and they are so great). Also, my inside forearm has a large elongated red area on it for two days now, and this morning it began to blister like crazy - doesn't look like a spider bite but the blistering is very strange. The brown recluse (we actually have the one called the desert recluse) bite I guess blisters after a day or so, but this looked more like a scrape. So, I have babied it all day as it's quite tender now. Watched some taped quilting shows and daydreamed a lot about the garden!

-- Katie (, March 01, 2002.

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