Wanting Quality Garden Hose Nozzles!

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I'm always buying expensive garden hose nozzles, the adjustable kind with all sorts of spray patterns. They never seem to last more than two years. They either break, leak or just plain don't work.

Has anyone had this frustration?? Anyone know of certain brands that are better than others? (Yes, I know I should put them inside for the winter.)

Wonder what the nurseries use?

-- HV (veggie@ourplace.com), February 28, 2002


Couldn't tell you the brand names, there may be several, but I use the all brass twist nozzles that look like miniature fire hose nozzles. You can get a hard, direct spray or a very light fan shaped spray. My oldest ones must be over ten years old by now. Have to replace the rubber O-ring inside every so many years but there's very little to go wrong and you can disassemble them to clean out crud.


-- Alan (athagan@atlantic.net), February 28, 2002.

Interesting, Alan, that you brought up the "little brass fire hose nozzle" because yesterday, in frustration, I found one of those in one of my husband's shop "junk" drawers and put it on. Works great! And I thought they were too simple to be a "real" nozzle!

But, I still wouldn't mind having one with a couple choices of sprays. Our local radio garden expert says he has a lot of different ones with a quick connect/disconnect thing, but don't know where one would find these.

-- HV (Veggie@ourplace.com), February 28, 2002.

I got one at Costco, with a couple of quick connect fittings. I love it, and I think it was less than twenty dollars for two different sprayers, and couplers. Jacki

-- Jackie Goss (jgossspecialtees@msn.com.), February 28, 2002.

The quick connects are great. Home Depot carries them for about a couple bucks a set. As far as nozzles go I tend to pick up three or four a year so we just go with the cheap ones. They will last if taken care of. Hardwater deposits, dirt and letting the rubber gaskets dry out is what usually does them in. A hot soapy water soak and rinse takes care of the dirt and gunk, vinegar helps with hard water, WD40 does everything else. A source of professional garden equipment and supplies is A.M. Leonard Co. @ amleo.com, they have a pretty good catalogue.

-- JJ Grandits (JJGBDF@aol.com), February 28, 2002.

The brass nozzles will virtually last forever. The spray pattern is adjustable so you would have a wide range of choices. Those plastic kind never last. Many times simple IS better.

-- Dave (multiplierx9@hotmail.com), February 28, 2002.

Look around for a dairy supply in your area. They have great ones! That is where I got mine! They are meant to be used every day to clean down the dairy barn and so they are meant to last.

-- Nan (davidl41@ipa.net), March 01, 2002.

We get all our drip lines, etc. from the sprinkler supply store in our neighborhood. All the landscapers use them too and much cheaper than Home Depot, etc. You can also buy in bulk for just starting or add as you go to your projects. Also, never fail to talk to your neighbors and friends. That's how we found out about this place. The old timers are the best to talk to and offer good advice.

-- Hank (hsnrs@att.net), March 01, 2002.

I've also discovered that one should not drive a car over the nozzle. Riding lawn mower is bad news too.

-- Charleen in WNY (harperhill@eznet.net), March 01, 2002.

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