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Can any one tell me what the relay DEF1 and DEF2 are pulled up by on a Otis Gamma 160.

I have found 2 pilot relays on the ACS3 board called XDEF1 and XDEF2 but cannot find what pulls them up.

The problem I'm having is after running the lift for about 2 or 3 minutes DEF1 fails to get up causeing the lift to stop working until its switched off and then back on.

Thanks in advance


-- Bill Jackson (, February 28, 2002


There are several led indicators on the pc boards in the card file. DEF is illuminated only when SAF signal is recieved and no defect signals are detected, i.e., F1 or F2. F1 is the speed saftey control F2 is acceleration and overspeed saftey If you require futher information please feel free to E-mail me directly Regards, Jim

-- Jim Reed (, March 02, 2002.

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