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i would like to know about sukumar prasad,who brought the electric guitar to carnatic music.also i would like to get some cassestes of his.kindly help me out thanx

-- rangaramanujam muthu (, February 28, 2002


Excerpts from a web-site article; I am searching for this too.

The problem was to find a guitar guru. "No-one had experimented like this and I had to work merely by sound to perfect myself," he says. The guitar's tuning was suitably altered and a flowing, sustained playing style, that permitted none of the usual voids in guitar music, was gradually evolved. Playing with violinist Chandrashekhar for a while, Prasad explored his instrument's tonal range and emotional capacity. These explorations are now on cassette, thanks to Lakshman Samthani's Lynx Corporation, which decided to release Prasad's new dimension to familiar Carnatic music like 'Intha chalamu', Vathapi Ganapatim' and 'Brova barama', a piece applauded at all his live concerts. The 4-track recording was done at Lynx Studios, Madras, supervised by H Sridhar and mixed down to stereo with emphasis on stereo imaging to simulate the atmosphere of a concert hall". Please inform source should you find it. Thanks.

-- Sivakumar T (, September 09, 2002.


thanx for the article...but i happened to look at it quite some time back.Also i tried searching the web for Lynx studios but couldn't catch hold of any.......


-- Rangaramanujam Muthu (, May 01, 2003.

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