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What advantage would there be to using the Selec-Trol Valve on the Jubilee tractor which is located under the seat as opposed to the pump unit on the front?

Has this Select-Trol valve some other function other than for use with the loader?

I have been told that it is better to use the front pump for the loader rather than this Select-Trol but in the Dearborn Loader Manual that I have it says that the Select-Trol can be used for a standard loader and the front pump unit is for the heavy duty loader.

One other thing is there is a bracket shown in the manual called the Loader Suspension plate that holds the pump and bolts to the front of the tractor frame. Is this bracket still available?

If anybody can give me some advice on this it would be appreciated.

John in Ontario, Canada

-- John MacMillan (, February 28, 2002



I don't know Ford tractors very well, but there are a bunch of guys over at the "Yesterdays Tractors" discussion groups who may. The url is "" for the 9n/8n/2n's and "" for the other fords. Its a very good site overall for older tractor owners.

-- TonyG (, February 28, 2002.

YT Mag is a good place to check as well. By using the selectrol valve your tapping into the tractors internal hydraulics. Not a problem it won't hurt the tractor. It will be slower is all and I think your limited to single acting arm cylenders and a trip bucket unless you run the line through an open center spool. And then it will be slower still.

-- Ross (, February 28, 2002.

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