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Without the level that house prices are at, I am struggling to find affordable housing in london or surrey. I am therefore looking for anyone who has any contacts on the repossession front, who could assist, providing either useful contacts or info on affordable property coming on the market. This would be extremely appreciated. many thanks

-- Patric (, February 27, 2002


I am now in the same position as u were in when you posed the question about repossessed properties and was wondering if you came up with anything on this front. I am lookin for a property in North London.

Your help will be much appreciated.


-- Klios Savva (, November 20, 2003.

Gentlemen, this site is for the victims of heavyhandness by mortgage companies over arrears or monetary problems caused by divorce, death, loss of job etc. This usually results in the repossession of the family home and much grief to the original house holder. You attempt to procure property that has been repossessed by going on to a site specifically for the victims of said repossession is sad and spiteful beyond belief. If you want to find repossessed properties ask an estate agent !


-- John (, November 21, 2003.

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