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During world war two, the constition, and bill of rights, was taken to a place of safe keeping till the war was over, Where did they take these documents?

-- Irene texas (, February 27, 2002


does this mean only mitch can answer??

-- Stan (, February 27, 2002.

This is a guess, I would say Ft. Knox, I have not seen that info during my stumper info chases.

-- mitch hearn (, February 27, 2002.

Correct Mitch, it was fort knox, My new goal in life, find a question you can"t answer, Just kidding!

-- Irene texas (, February 27, 2002.

It just seems logical; federally guarded, maximum security, paid for and in place. As for your next question, ask away, if I don't know it - google does!!

-- mitch hearn (, February 27, 2002.

Now now, Mitch, GOOGLE knows???? Aren't you the same Mitch who chewed me out for using a search engine a month ago?

-- Rose (, February 27, 2002.

Rose, if I did not use search engines to find questions, there would not be stumpers for you to read; the hard part is the thinking of the new subjects to research. Because of my medical limitations, I post these to keep my sanity and to enertain the readers.

-- mitch hearn (, February 27, 2002.

I am always amazed at the variety of topics you are able to come up with.

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, February 27, 2002.

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