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My house was repossessed by Shabbey national in 1998, after I had moved out and instructed agents to let it.

Abbey had previously refused to let me sell at 48,500, as there would have been a shortfall.

As soon as the house was empty (within 48 hours), the house was repossessed, some of my furniture smashed up (I have witness statements), and the house was later sold for 48,000, 500 less than they refused to let me sell for.

I mistakenly filled in the income & expenditure form, being unaware (until finding this site today) that I didn't have to.

My questions:

1) Was the repo legal? They say yes, as the property was 'abandoned'. I say no, as it was to be let. How could it be abandoned, there was furniture in it.

2) Was smashing my possessions legal? As my statements from witnesses are nearly 4 years old, have I left it too late to take action?

3) Since I have effectively admitted liability by filling in the forms for the last 3 - 4 years, is there nothing I can do to get Shabbey off my back? I have offered 1500 twice, they want anything from 3000 to 5000 - depends on the day / person. The original debt is (they claim) 18300. I can't even find the 1500 now, I have two children, and pay for childcare so I can work.

I am currently paying DLA 5 per month, they are pressurising me to pay 20. The last time I was contacted by them, they suggested that I shouldn't be allowing my children music or Karate lessons, but giving the money to then instead.

Any help / advice will be very much appreciated.


-- Di Patchett (, February 27, 2002

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