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I have been dealing with Councelling Intermediary Services and the Halifax for the past 12 months regarding a shortfall of 31k. My mortgage was in joint names with a guarantour. They cant find my ex partner so have been chasing me and the guarantour. We have tried to negotiate with them but each offer made without predjudice is refused as been too low. We have just gone over the 10% mark. Have already discussed MIG and statute of limitations which they refuse to acknowledge has any standing in my case. The property was ceeded back in 1991 using a company called union finance (doesnt exist now). I am worried about them being able to get to the guarantours assets, even though they are held in joint names with his wife. He is not well off cash wise at all. I have equity and he has equity on a property. Though not alot. Any ideas how I can avoid them taking his stuff, even though it may involve me losing mine? Please respond to this site as my email is having troubles getting replies. Thanks. As you can imagine I am worried sick about it all as the guarantour is a close family member.

-- DEPRESSEDIN ESSEX (, February 27, 2002

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