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The content of a letter from Citibank's solicitors received yesterday concerning mortgage deeds conflicts with information on this site. Please could someone shed some light on this for me?

Text from letter: "It is irrelevant whether you recall signing a mortgage deed. You must have done so because our client's mortgage was registered against the property, and the Land Registry would not have registered it if you had not executed it. The deed did not require, nor did it have, our client's signature. Our client does not have to produce a copy of the deed to prove you are indebted to them, unless you deny that the loan was made."

Thank you in advance for comments/advice,

-- Melody (, February 27, 2002


What was the date you bought the property ?

-- Vic Harper (, February 27, 2002.

November 1990. Why?

-- Melody (, February 27, 2002.

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