Halifax-Mortgage shortfall

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My husband received a letter some time ao from Addleshaw & Booth on behalf of the Halifax claiming a shortfall of 30k. He wrote back to them asking them who they were and where they got this sum from (not making any claim to it). Anyway, we got a letter back from the Halifax confirming that they had instructed the solicitors and we also got a breakdown of the overall shortfall and its absolutley appalling.

The original repossession went to court at the time and my husband was instructed by letter to leave the flat in Nov 93. This breakdown we got shows the flat wasnt sold for another 3 years! (so the whole 6 yr rule now flies out the window!). It was also sold for less than half the price he paid for it. Also they are trying to claim over 2k in property maintenance and service charges for the 3 years he wasnt living there as well as 12k in interest! The really annoying thing is that, although he cant prove it, he was still living in the area (just around the corner from the flat) and someone was definitley living a couple of months after he moved out.

So where do we go from here? Do we serve a SARN on the solicitors and the Halifax as we are far from happy as to where they got their figures from.


-- lisa (lisajh29@hotmail.com), February 27, 2002

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