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Looks like it'd be best to have your babies at home and forget about a birth certificate.

A company announced today its new computer chip that it wants the government to look at. The size of a grain of rice, the chip would be imbedded under the human's skin like they do with critter ID. All the information about you would be there. Chances are it would be placed in every baby born in the hospitals.

Big Brother just keeps getting closer and closer.

-- ~Rogo (, February 26, 2002


Its already here. Hospitals now routinely enter information collected from new parents in echange for "free" shower gifts into the national "medical" data base and many hospitals are now storing dna samples. Welcome to "1984 , the reality".

-- unlisted # (, February 26, 2002.

You don't have to be born at a hospital to file with the county to get a birth certificate. Your child will need the birth certificate to go to school, apply for a driver's license, etc etc etc.

Check with the local county offices and find out about getting the certificate for a home birth.

-- Rose (, February 26, 2002.

Can you imagin a person with parking tickets walking accross a bar code reader at a bar code reciever at a public building and this implant allerting the authorities as to that persons presense. HECK NO to the mark of the beast......

-- mitch hearn (, February 26, 2002.

Okay, then maybe we better consider the "potential" with all health care procedures. With cloning, stem cell research, etc. what is seriously preventing this stuff from being done routinely with vaccinations, etc? And to say it can't happen isn't true. All sorts of unethical experiements have been done over the years in our country....

-- marcee (, February 27, 2002.

I don't think it is any better than a medic-alert bracelet if the argument is for emergency healthcare (notification of drug allergies, etc.). What if you're out hiking in the woods, need help, and someone with a really good first aid kit (but no scanner) who happens to be a doctor or paramedic stops to help? The bracelet is easier to use and read.

And as for critter ID, it is ONLY good if 1)an honest person finds the animal and wants to return it (in other words, they don't adopt it), 2) they know enough to take it somewhere like a vet or a shelter where they HAVE a scanner, and 3)the info on the chip is up to date. Again, a collar with tag will do the same job, with less inconvenience for the person finding the animal (although you can't do anything if someone flat out won't return the animal).

I don't know how hard it would be to take out a chip. I assume it will be in one place? What if the chip itself causes problems?

-- GT (, February 27, 2002.

I agree that it is time to have the kids at home. Why is it any business of the government how many kids I have? And if you really want a weird look, try to explain why you don't think your newborn needs a social security number!! You then become a one-eyed one- horned flying purple people eater!!! Also, on the birth certificate, (as if we are so stupid we need a piece of paper from the government to tell us we were born, just like the social security number is to tell us who we are!) someone stated that you needed it for a driver's license (you know, that 'permission slip' from your government to drive on roads that we own, and pay taxes to maintain...etc,etc)Here in Texas, it is now a Drivers License/Identity Card. Sound familiar? It is all a game of mind indoctrination. On the school issue, my school doesn't require a child to have a birth certificate or vaccinations (which you should study up on-seperate issue in itself that is soooo scary....)-we home school-no brain washing for my children. If 'sheeple' don't wake up, the government is going to be IN OUR FACE IN EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE. Yes, it can be worse-just hang around and see.

-- Connie (, February 27, 2002.

Connie, I homeschooled and did without all the shots well actually the first shot my oldest had a terrible reaction to. How after homeschooling two children for 12 years they wanted to go to colleges. The hardest college to get into was a Christian University, they not only wanted all the up to date shot records but a number of other vaccinations that have always been optional. My daughter also had to have a chest exray. Now the oldest is at Ok.State University and they gave her all the shots missing, but she had to have them. They both could not attend without ID cards/Drivers License. They even had to have records like ID, Social Security to take the ACT. So., by have home babies will be okay as long as your child never has to cash a check or wants to go to college or even someday collect any benefits. How about jobs, don't you have to show ID and SS for them so they can pay the IRS? I agree we have gone to far in America but now what?

-- debbie (, February 27, 2002.

I have a freind who did not think it was a bad thing that they had raod blocks occasionally to check for drunk drivers and so on. You know the ones where everyone was stopped whether you have done anything or not(without probable cause in other words). Anyway, she said as long as it doesn't single anyone out and it helps keep us safe! I pointed out that it was only one step away from them knocking on your door and politely telling you they were checking out the houses on your blockand walking in. She said again that if you have nothing to hide why should you care if it broke up drug houses and saved abused children.

My point is that no matter how hard we yell, the majority will submit to these horrors because they think that the small inconveniance will keep them safer. the government will keep offering these little ways to "help" us, "save" us, "make life easier", until it is to late.

This is what scares me most: The masses have often been persecuted and held down throughout history, when things got to bad they rebeled. Yes they were often up against better trained and armed men but they were still often on a pretty closse feild in that they knew how to use the weapon at hand and the technology was limited. Today, even if there were enough of us who see through the guise of protection from our Gov. to try to rise up (there is a clause in the constitution? about dumping the gov. and starting over if the people saw fit) manydon't know how to defend themselves or have the weaponry to do so on a man to man basis. There is no way we could stand up against tanks, heavy artillary, aircraft, missiles etc. Then you simply had to have enough people and heart to overcome the organized army and overthrow the government (eventually and with heavy losses true but America is an example that it could be done)but now....

I am only 30 and I fear how my grandkids will be forced to live.... if they will be allowed to at all....

-- Novina in ND (, February 27, 2002.

Unless we start an alternative living in this country, you guys are right we are going to force to do everything the goverment wanted for us to do. Lets get together...

-- Ralph (, February 27, 2002.

I totally agreed with you all, except, we wanted help during the depression, we want help when there are layoffs, etc. etc., once you have given up your self-sufficiecy and given government control, you can't get it back. We are probably the least controlled country there is but unless you do something that has a majority of people behind you, you and your family will probably suffer. Do you think I wanted my kids life put under a microscope , no, but they wanted to have a College education so they had no choice but be fingerprinted for life. Debbie

-- debbie (, February 27, 2002.

I don't have a problem with the drunk stops, as long as all you're doing is breathing into a gadget (obviously not a car search as well). Drunk drivers kill so many innocent people, and never seem to get killed themselves.

As to the rest, part of it, sad to say, is "progress", and "the future". There will always be some who will choose not to live with this or that or something else (as in many who could easily afford it are still not computer literate or on the internet). All well and good for those of us in this lifetime. But look around and see how the world is changing--Debbie presents an interesting problem, it may be all right for us to live the old way, but it may well put our children and their children at a disadvantage in the future.

This is not to say I approve of the chip. I don't. And what would keep you from taking it out, anyway, and claiming religion (whether you are or not) or allergies as a reason not to have it?

Also, on the News Hour with Jim Lehrer (PBS), they talked about National ID Cards, and one option mentioned was more uniform drivers' licenses instead, one advantage being that stopped criminals could be checked for other warrants as well as just moving violations, which is the best you can do now. Most people carry a driver's license--I would rather see that fixed than have to carry yet another card. Just a thought.

-- GT (, February 27, 2002.

An unpleasant question- the chip is implanted under the skin. What is to prevent a person from cutting it out, like a big splinter? Frankly, that's what I'd do if one ended up either in me or any of my children.

-- Rebekah (, February 27, 2002.

Thank goodness Clinton couldn't run another term or things would already be worse that they are now!

-- Mike in Pa (, February 27, 2002.

A chip the size of a grain of rice could be very hard to find in a body especially if you don't know where to look (or even if it had been implanted on you), or if it is implanted so deeply that it couldn't be cut out like a splinter. I can just seen the black market/back alley operations - pssst hey budy ya wanna get your chip removed.... scary stuff.

-- Jane in SW Oregon (, February 27, 2002.

I would think it would depend also on how sensitive the scanner was, and where they expected to use it--on the wrist, on the arm, etc. That would give you a clue, anyway.

-- GT (, February 28, 2002.

Sorry-changed e-mail accounts in the middle of this.

I also am amazed by the masses of sheeple in this country who see nothing wrong with the cameras on every corner and the government knowing everything about you. I do not have the answers but what I do have is this: I have faith that my Lord will care for me and that if I am living according to His plan, He will work out the details. Frankly, I don't care for my daughters to ever attend college. I know that will probably get me blasted, but I feel very strongly in the Biblical role of women/mothers and I am currenly everyday since they were born, praying for the Lord to send a good Christian man for them who will love and care for them and allow them (encourage them) to fulfill their God given roles. As for a son, there are ways to raise chilren and be OUT of the system. I know (very closely) several families doing this and noone is 'suffering'. You could ask any of these children brought up in this manner now that they are older if they 'suffered' over it. It is mostly about a decision and like all decisions, there are consequences. You make your choices based on priorities and you face the consequences. All of this must be weighed very very carefully, as these decisions do effect your children/grandchildren. But, if we don't do anything, our children/grandchildren will definately by affected. They will not know what it is like to live FREE. Study history, true history not the government published history. It is coming and someone will have to take a stand. Will it be you?

-- Connie in Texas (, February 28, 2002.

The link I looked at said it was implanted under the skin. From what I understand, the chips used on animals are not embedded into the muscle, but under the skin. Then again, how many people do you see cut up and throw away their driver's license?

-- Rebekah (, February 28, 2002.

"Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety" 

--Benjamin Franklin

-- ~Rogo (, February 28, 2002.

thank you Rogo. Perfect sentiment!

-- Novina in ND (, February 28, 2002.

I wish I could remember the name of the movie: it had Sylvester Stalone in it and was only mediocre in itself. but the underlying story is that the government, a little at a time bans/changes things, for the peoples safety and comfort. In 50 years they had what seemed to be this beautiful place, there was no swearing, no alcohol, everyone was a vegitarian (meat was inhumane, cholesteral causing and made a yucky job for someone), nobody had a gun(not even the police anymore),no voilence of any kind, No physical contact of men and women (AIDS and other STD's, unplaned kids, overpopulation- you had to have a permit and then get your baby made in the lab)etc. It all seemed so sweet...and BORING! Agroup of rebels helps them see that a beer and a burger can be enjoyable and certainly your own choice and don't try to take there ladies away from them.

The point is, people laugh if you take it all seriously(hubby says that is why they make them, so people will laugh and say yeah right at they same time they hand over the same rights!)but everyday it gets a little tighter.

Ardie, I wish I was old and wrinkled, but I am not and everyday I get more scared of my little childrens futures, let alone grandkids....

-- Novina in ND (, February 28, 2002.

I finally got around to reading the article in our rural paper, last page (almost). This is different than as I was saying the "SS card, Driver's License, etc.) We gave up a lot of freedoms because we didn't have anything to hide and it caught those that did. Sept. 11 has made us scarer, at least me. Now, if this voluntary device is planted into our children without their okay, just the parents, that only keeps tract of our childrens entire life. In the chance that one was kidnapped I would love the device to be on them but in normal instance that would be the case. How about the people here illegal. The sucide terrists wouldn't have had the device just all the others that died that day. How would it help us. I do think we should pull together on this and hopefully get the word across country of it or like everything else, its over, we gave up another freedom. I do take some offense to the military anology, having traveled around with for most my life. We should and I am most grateful to those who choose to fight for us here so we can have freedoms. Although I don't think that was the message intended.

I was just thinking, we had to get our Social Security Cards when we entered the work force. If you look into death records, you will find everything about someone from that number, escept those that didn't ever take a number out. Now, when my girls were born, we without thinking because we were told to took out Social Security Cards as soon as the birth certificates were done. Had to, remember you can't claim some one on your IRS papers without them having a SS card. We took that lost of freedom laying down. This one could be far worst.

-- debbie (, February 28, 2002.

Well, this fear of being implanted with a chip is reasonable enough, I suppose. I would resist it strongly... BUT. It is not the mark of the Beast. The Bible indicates clearly that the Mark of the Beast is the only Mark that a person goes to hell for. And the Mark of the Beast comes only by making a public statement of worship of the Beast. It will be recognised by the public as THE SIGN of your choice; whom you have pledge your spiritual allegiance to. I do not doubt in the least that the public will be desensitised to the issue of implantation of chips before The Mark of the Beast is initiated. It may even be that implanted chips will be required by governments for citizenship before the true Mark of the Beast comes along. Wouldnt surprise me at all.

-- daffodyllady (, February 28, 2002.

As far as the vacanations go it's my understanding that all states have a religious exemption and most have a philosophical exemption. The religious exemption does not mean your church doesn't believe in vacations. It is just your sincere belief. Since many vacations use cells from aborted babies christians or other religions have sincere grounds for refusing. Of course the school offficaials will never tell you there is an exemption clause you have to ask.

-- Judi Bosworth (, February 28, 2002.

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