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I'm just getting my studio started and have been reviewing lots of od books. Most of the newer ods have sections for working on improvisation and composition. How important are these for the beginning/intermediate students? Do a lot of teachers include these areas in their lessons? I must be behind the times; I didn't learn those areas as part of piano study when I was younger and didn't realize until recently that they now do. Thanks for any input.

-- Laurie (lbrichards@att.net), February 25, 2002


Why did the % " not print when I typed in % od"? Weird.

-- Laurie (lbrichards@att.net), March 04, 2002.

I apologize for my strange messages!! It must be the internet filter I just installed. I thing the word I am trying to enter will not go because the 1st 4 letters are an abbreviation for an illegal . This is frustrating. I'm just trying to type M, then E, then T, then H, then O, then D!! Sorry!!!!!

-- Laurie (lbrichards@att.net), March 04, 2002.

I think you are right, majority of the teacher do not teach composition and impro. My previous doteach me compo but not impro. I only got to learn impro by signing up for another course called improvisation course.

-- sherilyn (sherilynwong@hotmail.com), March 05, 2002.

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