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Hi! I was just wondering what your opinions were on having a recital for beginners? I started a few new kids only in January, and they are doing pretty good. I would like to show them a little exposure. Do you think the end of May is too soon, if I can find some short, suitable pieces? I want to show them the way I was raised, dressing up in your Sunday best, and bringing your parents and grandparents to your piano recital. If you all think it'll be OK, how about suggesting some short pieces? Thanks!

-- Deanne (, February 24, 2002



Do you have any way to have a small event before the big recital to get these beginners acclimated? Have some kind of little group lesson the end of March and let every one play a song or two of their own choosing. Play something yourself too. Perhaps there would be time for some kind of musical game and some punch and cookies. That way they will have a good experience ahead of time.

If you choose to do this, get all the mileage you can out of it by announcing it way ahead of time, have them choose the song or songs to play and practice a lot in anticipation.

As to the pieces, why can't they choose from the pieces they are playing now? I am sure you have them playing pieces they enjoy. I have my students put their favorite pieces (that they play well) on their repertoire and then they choose their piano party and recital performance pieces from those.

If your arsenal of beginner pieces is a bit skimpy I will be glad to send you some by attachment. Do you have Finale Notepad so your computer can receive the songs?

Flo Arnold

-- Flo Arnold (, February 24, 2002.


If you can manage it at all, have a playing class every month or six weeks. Use these classes throughout the year to prepare for your recital. From these classes you and your students can discover the pieces they play that are most successful (face it, not every piece you assign will get the best performance out of a student). They learn how much preparation is necessary to do a really good job. They learn to play for people before being put into a dress-up, important situation. They learn the value of putting pieces away, and then taking them out and working them up again. It is a good way to help the students have positive recital experiences.

-- alan (, February 27, 2002.

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